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We've defended this place for over 200 years. Do you think you're the first outsider I've met that's chosen to brand "feral" ghouls as monsters? How many of them have you needlessly slaughtered while ignorantly thinking you're doing the world a favor?!— Oswald the Outrageous

Oswald Oppenheimer,[1] also known by his stage name Oswald the Outrageous, is a glowing ghoul in Nuka-World in 2287.


Oswald is a non-feral glowing one living in Nuka-World's Kiddie Kingdom in 2287. He has the same abilities as feral glowing ones in that he uses bursts of radiation to heal and revive nearby feral ghouls. As a former magician employed by Nuka-World, Oswald believes his ability to resurrect dead ghouls to be genuine magic.[2][3]

Oswald is one of the original survivors from a band of employees that took shelter in Kiddie Kingdom during the bombing and immediate fallout from the Great War. After time had passed, the entire group began changing into ghouls due to radiation leaking in. One by one, the survivors began turning feral, leaving Oswald and Rachel as the last non-feral ghouls in Kiddie Kingdom. He takes on a role as a protector of his former friends, strongly believing that being a feral ghoul is a sickness (that he and the other survivors via terminal entries call "the Affliction") that can be cured. He is in wait of one of the other original survivors, Rachel, whom he believes will return with the cure someday.[4]

He hates the raider clans that have settled in Nuka-Town and scares them away from Kiddie Kingdom through a combination of taunts through the park announcement system, supposedly paranormal powers and mist-sprayers that swamp Kiddie Kingdom with lethal radiation.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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A Magical Kingdom



  • Additional dialogue options for Oswald to leave can be unlocked by first finding Rachel's holotape in Bradberton.
  • If Oswald is left alive at the end of his quest and goes in search of a cure, RedEye will comment on Nuka World radio that the "Overboss found the one ghoul left with half a brain and gave him a job." This comment may be heard even if Oswald is killed to complete the quest.
  • It is possible to get two of Oswald's tophat by choosing a dialogue that results in Oswald becoming peaceful. After you receive the sword and hat, immediately attack. Oswald will then go through his usual fight mechanics. Once he is dead, you can loot his corpse for the magician's tuxedo as well as the duplicate tophat.
  • Like any glowing one, Oswald can use radiation to heal fellow ghouls.
  • Oswald cannot be pickpocketed. As such, killing him is the only way to obtain the unique magician's tuxedo he is wearing.
  • He also uses smoke bombs and tricks he got from his career as a magician to seemingly appear and disappear at will. He will use this ability extensively when fighting the Sole Survivor during A Magical Kingdom on the roof of King Cola's Castle, teleporting away when in near-death only to reappear elsewhere with full health. He will do this several times before he can finally be killed.
  • Oswald is also unique in that he is the only ghoul in the Kiddie Kingdom community to have retained his sanity.
  • Oswald gives off a small amount of radiation unlike other sentient glowing ones such as Jason Bright.
  • Oswald is the sixth sapient glowing one to appear in the entire Fallout franchise.

Notable quotes[]

  • "Well now friends, it seems we have another uninvited guest to the park."
  • "Up up, performers! It's time for another show! Though I doubt you'll even make it to the Theater, stranger."
  • "Shall we take bets on where this one shuffles off? What do you think, friends? The Tunnels? The Fun House?"
  • "Don't worry, the mirrors are too dirty to reflect anything. In your case, I'd say that's probably a benefit."
  • "Well it seems your asinine assault won't be dissuaded. Then I guess it's time for our final act. Join me on the roof of King Cola's Castle and we'll see an end to this production."
  • "What's wrong, Tin Man? Having trouble finding the Wizard? Personally, I would have figured you for the Scarecrow."


Oswald the Outrageous appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Oswald's full name is "Oswald Oppenheimer" which is a reference to the real-life theoretical physicist named J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was one of the scientists on the Manhattan Project.
  • If the player character is wearing power armor, Oswald will comment, "What's wrong, Tin Man? Having trouble finding the Wizard? Personally, I would have figured you for the Scarecrow." This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz.