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The Orwell Orchards bomb shelter is an unmarked location underneath Orwell Orchards in the Forest region of Appalachia.


The bomb shelter was used by Ian Orwell and his wife Cheryl to survive the Great War and for months it worked. However, one day the systems in the bunker began to fail and Cheryl decided they needed to leave when they both began to come down with radiation poisoning. However Ian insisted they were fine and locked Cheryl in a closet to prevent her from leaving.[1] Cheryl, however, sabotaged the door's power box and escaped the bunker.[2] Ian died in the shower during this escape, though his exact manner of death is not confirmed.


The entrance is located in the basement of the Orwell house. The bomb shelter consists of one central room, which can be traversed in both western and eastern directions, with additional rooms appearing in both directions.

The large central room has several fake bushes and golf hitting mats scattered across it. There are also a weight lifting bench and a usable Power Cycle 1000 on the western side. On the eastern side there is a small flight of stairs, leading down to a spa with a swimming pool as well as a bar and a jukebox. A tiny fireplace and a ice cooler are located in the northwestern corner.

A set of stairs on the western side of the spa lead up towards a caved-in hallway which has adjacent rooms. The southern room was used for utility and contains a malfunctioning fusion generator emitting radiation and a weapons workbench. The northern room, a study, has a large bearskin rug in the center, a red chaiselongue to the right and several broken display cases containing weapons. Ian Orwell's terminal is also located on a desk in this room.

A hole in the library's northwestern wall leads to the bedroom, which also holds two desks, one dresser, a crib and a locked safe (Picklock 2). Two doors are leading out of the room. The one on the western wall is a dead end and leads to a small bathroom with a radroach in it. The door on the southern wall of the bedroom leads to the other side of the caved-in hallway and subsequently into a large lounge.

On the eastern side of the lounge there are a tv area with a couch and a fireplace with several armchairs around it. The door on the eastern wall leads back to the central room and the exit. In the northwestern corner of the lounge there is another small bathroom with colorful wallpaper in it. Located in the south is the large open kitchen with a doorless fridge emiting an eerie white light.

On the western side of the kitchen is a small storage area, usually locked behind a security door (which can be opened on Ian's terminal). Inside the storage are amongst other things a large toolbox, a sleeping bag and a note left behind by Cheryl.

Notable loot

  • Lucky Hits! - Note, framed to the wall above Ian Orwell's terminal in the study.
  • Trapped - Note, on a shelf near a sleeping bag in the locked storage room near the lounge's kitchen.
  • Potential recipe - On the counter of the bar, near the pool.


The Orwell Orchards bomb shelter appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.