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The Orwell Orchards is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103.


Located in the hills overlooking Charleston, Orwell Orchards was a once prosperous farm that was experiencing hard times in 2077. In October of the same year, the orchards had been afflicted by moths, affecting the harvest. The attempts by the owners, Ian Orwell and Cheryl Bennett-Orwell, to obtain a much-needed loan was turned down by the banks. The oil traps they tried to use were ineffective but without enough money for insecticide, the harvest was severely endangered, with a predicted harvest of less than a hundred bushels.[1]

There is a holotape claiming that the owners of the farm won a $300,000 cash lottery, though it is unknown if it was legitimate and came before or after their troubles began.


Currently, Orwell Orchards is a farm plagued by malfunctioning Mister Farmhands who will attack on sight. The location contains a two-story farmhouse, inaccessible garage, and two barns.

The bottom floor of the farmhouse contains several chairs, a coffee table stacked on top of a couch, and a locked safe (Picklock 0). The upper floor contains a broken bed frame, a footlocker, and a locked wall safe (Picklock 0). Cheryl's journal sits on top of a dresser here.

The smaller barn has radioactive barrels piled outside against one of its walls. An armor workbench is at one end of the building and the Lucky Hits! lottery recording sits in an oil barrel, amongst some other trash. The larger barn contains a tinker's workbench and a workbench. It also has a duffle bag and an ammo box on its upper level.

Notable lootEdit


The Orwell Orchards appears only in Fallout 76.



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