Order of Mysteries - The Blade of Bastet is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be obtained from the Cryptos terminal during the quest Forging a Legend.



Shannon Rivers: In combat, the Mistress of Mystery relied upon her speed, agility, and training in the martial arts, including the art of the sword. For many years, her favored weapon was the Blade of Bastet, a legendary sword passed down from hero to hero across the ages. The time has come for you to earn your own blade. First, you'll need to locate a sword with historic significance. That symbolism matters - you'll treat it with respect. Cryptos should have some leads. Then, you'll need to pick up one of Frederick's Swing Analyzers and attach it to your sword. The Analyzer will collect data on your stance and swing as you wield it against different foes. Once the Analyzer has finished its work, Frederick should be able to hone your sword into a blade worthy of the Mistress of Mystery.

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