Order of Mysteries - Production log #194 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found underneath Riverside Manor in the production room next to the fabricator terminal.



Frederick Rivers: Frederick Rivers, Production Log, #194. Been a busy week. Janet and I finally got the new Fabricator all wired up. Should've done this years ago. Briana was our first guinea pig, uh, I mean, user. Her blade turned out fine, but her Phantom Device had a bit of a valve leak. Had to clear the lab until we could vent the gas. Nasty stuff. Janet really deserves most of the credit. It's a slick system, and networking it into Cryptos will save us a lot of bookkeeping. Beyond that? Usual mix. Shannon wants a recording device for her next mission. Isabella's gun prototype needed some work. Oh, and Eve has me working on some new programs for the Hall of Trials - have to keep the girls on their toes. They certainly keep me on mine.

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