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Order Up is a quest in Fallout 4 that takes place at Drumlin Diner. Wolfgang and Trudy, the owner of the diner can be heard arguing over Trudy's son Patrick's debt. Talking to Wolfgang begins the quest.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to Wolfgang
  2. Talk to Trudy
  3. Convince, kill, or help her kill Wolfgang
  4. Talk to Wolfgang if he is still alive.

Detailed walkthrough

When you discover Drumlin Diner, you will hear a little argument between Trudy and Wolfgang. Approach Wolfgang to begin.

When you approach Wolfgang, he and Simone will draw their weapons and tell you to leave. You can either talk normally, or threaten him. Be warned though that if you fail to intimidate him he and Simone will attack you. When you kill him you can talk to Trudy to complete the quest.

If you threatened him successfully you can either continue the conversation or demand money from him. If successful he will give you a varied amount of caps. If unsuccessful he will attack you.

If you were successful once again, you can demand they leave, they will attack if unsuccessful and will leave if successful. Talk to Trudy to complete the quest.

If you threatened him successfully before you can ask him for more money, he'll tell you he would but you took it all, you will get 100 caps after completing the quest if this is the case.

If you didn't threaten him you can ask for more money 3 times. The first gives you an extra 25 caps, 125 overall. The second give you another 25 caps, 150 overall and the final give you another 50, overall 200.

After this little money debate you can either choose to kill Trudy and her son, or talk to her. If you choose to 'Join the Attack', you will kill her and her son then receive the agreed amount of caps, Wolfgang will then take over the diner and become a chem merchant.

If you choose to 'Talk to Trudy', you will have to go into the diner and convince Trudy to pay. Once you talk to her you have 3 options(technically 4 but the forth and third have the same result, so you really just have 3). The first is the threaten her. If successful she will pay and you will be rewarded by Wolfgang. Wolfgang will hang around just outside and both will become merchants. Trudy is a general merchant. If unsuccessful she will attack

The second option is to 'End Peacefully', if successful you get the same result as above. If unsuccessful you will be asked to kill Wolfgang. You have 3 options. Yes, No and Ask for Money. You can ask why help her but you'll be brought back to the 3 options just mentioned if you do.

Yes results in you killing Wolfgang and getting paid 100 caps, Trudy then becomes a merchant. No results in her attacking you and Wolfgang becoming a merchant. You can Ask for Money 3 times, the same amounts as Wolfgang gave you will be given.

You can also offer her help. You'll get the same result as above.

If you pass all the speech checks with Wolfgang, you only need to talk to Trudy to complete the quest.

Quest stages

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  • If Trudy peacefully pays Wolfgang they can both stick around as merchants. Otherwise whoever wins the dispute sticks around as a merchant.
  • You can Threaten Wolfgang, then offer Trudy help, Ask for Money 3 times, then kill and loot Wolfgang, you can then sell his gear to Trudy. This results in the Max amount of caps from this quest.
  • Curie dislikes working alongside Wolfgang, even if both parties end up alive. She will like it when you side with Trudy and kill Wolfgang and Simone.
  • It's possible that Wolfgang and Simone may already be in a shootout with Trudy and her son as you arrive. The event can be seen unfolding from a fairly far distance away. Going into VATS, Wolfgang and Simone will appear as enemies (RED), while Trudy and her son will be friendlies (WHITE). If you do nothing, neither will attack you and Wolfgang can be heard telling the player to leave. If you have a companion such as Piper with you, she'll start attacking Wolfgang and Simone. After killing Wolfgang and Simone, you can talk to Trudy and barter with her. However, the quest "Order Up" will never actually start nor finish, and you obviously lose out on any dialog options as well as experience.

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