The optimized bracers is a power armor arm mod in Fallout 4.


When installed on power armor, the optimised bracers reduce the AP requirement for using power attacks.


In order to craft the optimised bracers a power armor frame with the desired arm piece(s) attached must be installed at a power armor station.

Adhesive (see table)
Aluminum (see table)
Ceramic (see table)
Rubber (see Table)
Icon range
Blacksmith Rank 1
Icon level
Optimized bracers (1)
Armor type Adhesive Aluminum Ceramic Steel
Raider 3 3 3 2
T-45 2 2 2 2
T-51 2 2 2 3
T-60 3 4 3 3
X-01 3 3 3 4
Gametitle-FO4 CC Hellfire power armor 3 3 3 4


The optimized bracers are only available via crafting at a power armor station.

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