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Attend opening night at Appalachia's newest... nightlife destination?

Opportunity Knocking is a quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


A new night club has opened in Appalachia, with ties to Atlantic City. The inaugural show, however, is interrupted, leading the dwellers to follow a trail back to the coastal city.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Head to the Rose Room and observe the performance.
  • Defeat the hitmen and interrogate the only survivor.
  • Convince Evelyn to come back down.
  • Inform Antonio of the situation.
  • Reconvene and decide on the next step.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The introductory quest to the second Expeditions update begins humbly in Appalachia. A new nightclub has appeared in the region, promising refinement and entertainment above what's already here. The Rose Room advertises itself heavily across the region, inviting all to the opening night. Interacting with one of the flyers found at the Whitespring Refuge or the train stations will add the Rose Room to the map and activate the quest.

Entering the Rose Room will start the first part of the quest, the performance of Evelyn Russo. Her performance is interrupted repeatedly by hecklers from among the scavengers. Evelyn kicks them out, showing off a thorny side and a soft underbelly that's really not fit for Appalachia. Before the second part starts, the players need to talk to the bartender, Vin Russo, who will ask them to keep the peace during the subsequent performance.

They can initially refuse the job or, with Charisma 4+, they can ask for payment for services rendered and Vin will agree ("Right, of course not. I wouldn't expect you to. Head's just all over the place, lately. This is what I can spare."). To progress, the player needs to sit down near the stage.

As it turns out, Vin's correct and halfway during the second part of her performance, the bar erupts in violence as hitmen open fire on the Russo family. The player needs to wipe out the attackers to progress. One of them will be on the verge of death and they can be interrogated before expiration. As it turns out, he's the ringleader of the attack and his men simply lost their cool and attacked the Russos too early.

It was simple. Wait for all the Russos to be in the room together. Shoot on my signal. Couldn't follow either one! Almost makes me happy to be put out of my freakin' misery! (...) *pained laugh* Guess every one of you nutsos has a reason to be afraid of payback from Atlantic City. Sleep tight, Russos. I may not be the last to come for you.

After the hitman expires, it turns out that Abbie Russo is suffering a psychotic breakdown. Vin asks the player to check on them, and they can use Charisma 8+to negotiate an even higher price, as it goes beyond simple bodyguarding. Talking to Abbie reveals that she is suffering withdrawal from a potent designer drug called the Devil's Blood. Her brother Vin wants to help, but her mother Evelyn got upset and stormed away.

The player needs to talk to Evelyn to learn about Atlantic City in order to convince Evelyn to put the family drama on hold for Abbie's sake. She agrees, but asks the player to inform Antonio Russo about the situation. Although he's having memory issues, Antonio deserves to know. Then the player has to return downstairs to discuss the matter with Vin.

Once they return, Evelyn and Vin agree that the only way to move forward is to return to Atlantic City and obtain a dose of the Devil's Blood to keep Abbie's state from worsening and gain time to work on finding a permanent solution.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Read the nightclub advertisementI read a poster advertising the grand opening of a nightclub called The Rose Room, right here in Appalachia. Maybe I should check it out.
? Attend the nightclub openingA poster advertising a nightclub called The Rose Room caught my eye. I'm here to attend opening night. Better head downstairs and catch the performance.
? Watch the performance
? Speak to the bartenderThe first performance I saw at The Rose Room, a song by a woman named Evelyn, was met with scathing critique from a couple of scavengers in the audience. Evelyn didn't react well to them, but the bartender seems keen to repair the mood.
? Take a seat for the next performanceVin, the bartender at The Rose Room, asked for my help with security. He's expecting trouble tonight, and wants me to keep an eye out during the next performance.
? Watch the next performance
? Wipe out the attackers
? Interrogate the surviving attackerVin was right to expect trouble at The Rose Room's opening night. Several members of the audience started firing at the performers. We took them down, but one is still alive. Time for questioning.
? Listen to Evelyn and VinTurns out most of the audience at The Rose Room's opening night was made up of hitmen from Atlantic City. The family that owns the club isn't happy about it.
? Check on AbbieWorse still, one of them appears to be having a psychotic breakdown.
? Talk to VinAmidst the chaos and gunfire of hitmen in the audience, Abbie Russo suffered a breakdown and is currently indisposed. She is suffering withdrawal from a potent designer drug called Devil's Blood. I should talk to her brother Vin about this.
? Ask Evelyn to return downstairsAbbie Russo is suffering withdrawal from a potent designer drug called Devil's Blood. Her brother Vin wants to help, but her mother Evelyn got upset and stormed away. I need to convince Evelyn to put the family drama on hold for Abbie's sake.
? Inform Antonio of the situationI convinced Evelyn to put the family drama on hold for Abbie's sake. She wants me to let her husband, Antonio, know what's happening as well.
?Quest finishedReconvene with VinI informed Antonio that his daughter is suffering withdrawal from a potent designer drug called Devil's Blood and needs help. However, he is having memory issues and doesn't seem to understand too well. I'd better reconvene with Vin and see what we can do.