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One thing all the boys and girls in Pioneer Scouting hate is toxic mutagenic waste. Can you say toxic mutagenic waste? It's yucky stuff.Scout Leader Pompy, Fallout 76

Repeatable: Operation Tidy is a daily quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough

Operation Tidy
Speak to Scout Leader Pompy at Kiddie Corner Cabins.
Follow the map markers to collect five toxic mutagenic waste.
Deposit the waste into a containment barrel at the Kiddie Corner Cabins.
Reward: Pemmican, Plan: Pioneer Scout Bowie knife paint, random aid items, random grenades, 50 Bottle cap, 300 XP

Detailed walkthrough

Speak to Scout Leader Pompy at the Kiddie Corner Cabins to begin the quest. Be careful, as the moment the quest starts, the mirelurk queen slumbering in the toxic dried lakebed awakens. Pompy is also usually surrounded by snallygasters or radscorpions, that should be dealt with before speaking to him.

Travel to the locations indicated by the scout leader and collect the five toxic mutagenic waste spills which can be found around the area. Possible locations include Grafton, Hemlock Holes, the toxic dried lakebed and Willard Corporate Housing.

Deposit the waste into a containment barrel at Kiddie Corner Cabins to complete the quest. The barrel is located near the middle of the three cabins, beside an armor workbench.

Completing this quest again after finishing "The Order of the Tadpole" carries the chance of awarding one additional Possum badge alongside the other rewards. Doing it again before completing "The Order of the Tadpole" will carry the chance of awarding one additional Tadpole badge alongside the other rewards.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader PompyPioneer Scout Leader Pompy has asked me to collect toxic mutagenic waste and deposit it in/at...
? Clean Up Toxic Mutagenic WasteI've collected all the toxic mutagenic waste for Pioneer Scout Leader Pompy. Now I have to safely dispose of it.
?Quest finishedDump the Toxic Mutagenic Waste in the containment barrelI collected and disposed of all the toxic mutagenic waste for Pioneer Scout Leader Pompy.


Icon ps4.png Upon completion of the quest, an additional Tadpole or Possum badge may not be awarded with the other rewards.[verified] Icon ps4.png After the quest starts, approaching the location where the toxic mutagenic waste spawns can cause the pools that need to be collected to de-spawn, rendering them unobtainable to collect, though the objective markers will still be where they should be.[verified]

  • Solution: Leave the world and log into a new one to reset the quest while it is still active. On checking the new location and objective markers, the pools should have spawned normally. Repeat if they haven't until they do.