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Open the Secondary Silver Mine was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. It was to be located in Blackfoot Village.[1]

Quick walkthrough

With some well-placed explosives, you can open up a section in the back of the Storage Cave, revealing another cave with some silver. Then you can mine it with the mining quests.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Science Boy - Can work more efficiently, getting finished slightly faster. Having better tools makes you faster at working, too.
  2. DiploBoy - Can talk people into helping him or doing it for him.
  3. Stealth Boy - Has the best chance of setting the explosives in the right places, opening up the greatest amount of the cave.

Journal Entries

Normal Journal

1 There's a cave-in at the rear of the Blackfoot storage cave that I think can be cleared with explosives.
2 I used explosives to clear the collapse at the rear of the Blackfoot storage cave. There are caves beyond.
3 There's silver in the new area of the Blackfoot storage cave.
4Quest finishedIt looks like I've mined all of the extra silver I found in the back part of the Blackfoot storage cave.

Dumb Journal

1 Blackfoot storage cave has place where BOOM can make new tunnel.
2 I make rocks go BOOM, now have new BOOM cave in Blackfoot storage cave.
3 Me find silver in BOOM cave
4Quest finishedMe think all silver gone from BOOM cave.