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Delve into the depths of the Whitespring's Congressional Bunker.

One of Us is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Begin the quest by listening to the Welcome to the Whitespring holotape.
  • Travel to the Whitespring bunker and enter the vault.
  • Take a photo and collect either Urban Operative underarmor or Forest Operative underarmor from the dispenser.
  • Go downstairs and speak to MODUS.
  • Go to the Admissions room and either take the entrance questionnaire or speak to MODUS to skip it.
  • Take the system access tape from the dispenser next to MODUS.
  • Travel to Sugar Grove and load the tape into the SigInt system terminal, found in the main room with all the terminals.
    • Initiate the external connection.
  • Retrieve the module instructions from an archival dispenser down the hallway.
  • Return to the Whitespring bunker and deposit the instructions in the collector machine.
  • Retrieve an uplink module from the dispenser near the collector.
  • Travel to the National Radio Astronomy Research Center and deploy the module using the connection platform on the roof.
  • Collect the contents of the care package which drops and then return to MODUS at the Whitespring bunker to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthrough

After managing to enter the bunker of Sam Blackwell and acquiring the holotape titled "Welcome to the Whitespring," after listening to it, travel to the Whitespring Resort and head for the entrance to the Whitespring bunker to gain entry to the vault hidden within. After taking a photo and collecting one of two underarmor options given to the player characters, they are then directed to continue downstairs, deeper into the bunker, to meet with the bunker's artificial intelligence, MODUS, as the large window behind its terminal is illuminated by its massive central core and damaged memory banks.

After either taking the entrance questionnaire or skipping it by speaking to MODUS, the next step is to collect the system access tape from the dispenser next to MODUS and take it to Sugar Grove to upload it into the system there and initiate the external connection to link MODUS with the systems at Sugar Grove, though the terminal where the upload needs to be performed may be guarded by a legendary Colonel Gutsy robot or a high-level Assaultron Dominator with stealth abilities. Upon loading the tape and receiving the data while providing MODUS an uplink with SigInt, it triggers an alarm inside the facility due to the system intrusion. This sends a security team of Mister Gutsy and Protectron robots to engage the player character. Once they've been avoided or dealt with, module instructions will be dispensed from the archival dispenser down the hallway. Take those back to the Whitespring bunker and deposit them in the collector machine there. This provides an uplink module that MODUS needs to be installed at the National Radio Astronomy Research Center by deploying it on the roof.

Once that is done, MODUS is understanding as to why the player characters wanted to join the Enclave as the Kovac-Muldoon Platform has revealed the Scorched and scorchbeasts to MODUS, making it realize the threat they pose to Appalachia and why the player characters needed access to the Appalachian Automated Launch System. MODUS has the Kovac send down a care package for the player character. Collect what's inside, which includes an orbital scan beacon and orbital strike beacon, and return to the Whitespring and report to MODUS, and the quest is completed as MODUS welcomes the Vault Dweller to the Enclave, rewarding them with the Bunker Buster missile launcher.

If the player characters have not completed "Back to Basic" at Camp McClintock before finishing this quest, MODUS will mention heading there to become a U.S. soldier first before granting access to the entire Military Wing of the Whitespring Bunker to trigger "Officer on Deck" and begin working up the ladder to becoming a General and getting access to the Appalachian Automated Launch System.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Explore the Whitespring BunkerI've found Sam Blackwell's Congressional bunker access card. I should head over to the Whitespring and see if it still works.
? Enter the bunkerI found my way to the Whitespring Congressional Bunker ... and someone invited me inside
? Continue deeper into the bunkerThe voice - who claims to be the bunker's final resident - has offered to show my what this bunker is capable of. I guess I ought to continue further in.
? Have your photo takenThe voice had directed me to get my picture taken by activating the button on the far side of the room.
? Activate the dispenserthe voice apparently has had something manufactured for me. All I need to do is grab it from the dispenser
? Meet the bunker's residentThe voice told me to proceed down the stairs so we become ... better acquainted. Whatever that might mean.
? (Optional) Collect your refreshmentsI've met the source of the voice - the bunker's automated caretaker, MODUS. He's offered me access to the bunker and its capabilities, if I can prove myself a worthy candidate. He also mentioned snacks.
? Proceed to the next room
? Take the "Entrance Questionnaire"MODUS has given me a choice. I can take a questionnaire to prove my knowledge and "character" or I can just speak to him to proceed onto my evaluation.
? (Optional) Bypass the questionnaire by speaking to ModusIn-game spelling
? Speak to MODUSI've completed the questionnaire. Now I just need to speak to MODUS to get my results
? Access the dispenserSounds like MODUS was happy with my exam score. He (they?) have something else he wanted before he'll let me in. I just need to access the dispenser.
? Load the System Access Tape into a SigInt System terminalI need to insert this "System Access Tape" into any terminal in Sugar Grove's Signal Intelligence room. MODUS will then connect himself to the facility and requisition an item I need to collect. He's also promised me some back-up.
? Collect MODUS' lost data
? Return the instructions to the Whitespring
? Deposit the instructions in the collectorMODUS said I need to deposit the Sugar Grove tech in the collector against the far wall.
? Access the dispenserMODUS has constructed something for me using the tech I acquired from Sugar Grove. I just have to grab it from the dispenser.
? Deploy the Uplink Module at the connection siteMODUS wants to reconnect to an orbital platform watching over Appalachia - the Kovac-Muldoon. To do it, he needs me to plug this (possibly explosive) "Uplink Module" into a platform he's specified.
? Collect the items from inside the care packageMODUS and the Kovac are reunited at last. Hurrah? But MODUS did call in a "care package" from the orbital platform. I should head over and collect.
? Return to the WhitespringI collected all the goodies out of the Kovac's care package. Now I need to check in with MODUS.
?Quest finished(Quest completed)MODUS has invited me to join his "Enclave". I can now explore the bunker ... though it sounds like I'll need additional clearances to access certain sections.


  • Any acquired mutations may be removed during the quest if Starched Genes at rank 2 has not been equipped.
  • The missile launcher, Bunker Buster, is awarded when one speaks with MODUS at the end of the quest. This is a leveled weapon and can only be received once. If a player character is just below level 50, postponing will net them a better weapon (level 40 damage:180, level 50 damage: 192).