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Something's shifting out there in the wilds of Fallout 76's Appalachia. The post-nuclear wasteland of West Virginia is about to be home to new phenomenon and creatures one only encounters...Once in a Blue Moon!fallout.bethesda.net (archived)

Once in a Blue Moon is the sixteenth major update for Fallout 76. It was released on June 20, 2023.[1] It was preceded by Mutation Invasion and was followed by Boardwalk Paradise as part of Expeditions: Atlantic City. The update was released alongside season 13, Shoot for the Stars.[2][3]

This update is themed around the Blue Ridge Caravan Company, meant to expand the faction and improve their storytelling and characterization.

After the initial release of this update and its supporting patch, another update, patch 46, was released in August 2023. This patch was not considered a major update and had no promotional name, and is thus considered to be part of the Once in a Blue Moon release cycle.


Initial release[]

  • Season 13: Shoot for the Stars[2]
  • Two new public events:
    • Beasts of Burden:
      • "After a trade deal goes wrong, Luca Costa finds himself in need of some help. A group of local Cultists has stolen his Brahmin and cargo of makeshift explosives. His Uncle Vinny will not be happy if he catches wind of it. Be extra careful not to disturb the local wildlife, however, as Cultists have recently noticed strange rumblings in the woods nearby."[3]
    • Safe and Sound:
      • "Blue Ridge has renovated the Middle Mountain Cabins to be their latest and greatest Brahmin pitstop, but they just can't seem to keep the local critters at bay. The Repeller Speaker system they use to repel the creatures and keep their Brahmin safe has been damaged. To retake the pitstop and create a safe haven for their Brahmin to rest, they will need your help! Clear out the creatures, defend the Repeller, and the Blue Ridge Caravan will reward you handsomely for your assistance!"[3]
  • Costa Business quest line:
    • Costa Business is a series of seven new quests focused on Vinny Costa and the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. Although described as "one-off daily quests," they are not repeatable and cannot be completed more than once per character. They function similarly to side quests but with a delay between the quests, as only one of the seven can be done per day before completing the quest line.[3]
    • Each of the seven quests has a unique Blue Ridge themed reward, ranging from CAMP items to outfits. They feature short stories focusing on various members of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.[3]
    • After completing the Costa Business quest line, another side quest, Protocol Adonais, will unlock for characters who have completed two quests relating to Aries (Calvin van Lowe): Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (from Wild Appalachia) and Out of the Blue (from Steel Reign). Protocol Adonais is essentially the secret eighth Costa Business quest, focusing on Aries.[3]
  • Two new cryptids:
  • Changes to Expeditions:[4]
    • Ultracell is no longer given by the Refuge daily quests and is no longer required for Expeditions, which can be run infinitely.
    • Only one Refuge daily now activates per day.
    • Various Stamp prices at Giuseppe Della Ripa's store have been reduced.
  • New Daily Ops mutation: Danger Cloud, harmful spores radiate from enemies, damaging nearby players.
  • Quality of life changes: new settings and UI changes for legendary item pickups.
  • New music plays at Big Bend Tunnel East, Big Bend Tunnel West and Middle Mountain Pitstop. New music also plays inside the Whitespring Refuge when it was previously silent.
  • There are new loading screen images.
  • The game now runs at 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 and is said to have better performance on Xbox Series.
  • Changes were made to fire and energy damage, making some enemies more difficult. These changes are currently being scaled back in the Public Test Server for Expeditions: Atlantic City.

Later patches[]






Costa Business Beasts of Burden Safe and Sound Daily Ops Spooky Scorched



Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A blessed gift Moon_Ambush_Cultist_Note2 006CACA2
Text A worthy sacrifice Moon_Ambush_Cultist_Note 006AC411
Text Eugenie's letter Costa Business: Eugenie MOON_SQ02_Eugenie_Note 006A9838
Text G. Timmerman, last words Costa Business: Carver MOON_SQ07_Carver_Note_02 006A9962
Text Get RICH quick! S13_JoeyBello_Note01 006CA794
Text Investigation report MOON_Herd_Lore_Note_01 006D7987
Text Letter to Vera MOON_Herd_VeraLetter 0069067C
Text Note from Greg Costa Business: Carver MOON_SQ07_Carver_Note_01 006A9961
Text Pitstop note MOON_Herd_ClydeNote 006BEE38
Text Rudy's shopping list Costa Business: Rudy MOON_SQ04_Rudy_ShoppingList 006ACE99
Text They got me good Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Lore_RaiderNote 006CAC83
Text Weird note Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Lore_6Y22YE 006D1C33
Text Welcome to the Wasteland NPE_DonationBox_V76_Note 006EFF1D
Text Writings of Jacque Costa Business: Herschel Moon_SQ05_Page1


Name Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound A Night at the Neapolitan JackHunter_Neapolitan01_Holotape
Sound The Decadent Metal Dome JackHunter_MetalDome_Holotape 006DC8F3
Sound Nukashine: What a trip! JackHunter_Nukashine_Holotape 006DC8F4
Sound Protocol Adonais #1 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene05_Tape01 006AA61F
Sound Protocol Adonais #2 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene04_Tape02 006AA620
Sound Protocol Adonais #3 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene03_Tape03 006AA624
Sound Protocol Adonais #4 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene02_Tape04 006AA621
Sound Protocol Adonais #5 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene01_Tape05 006AA623
Sound Protocol Adonais #6 Protocol Adonais MOON_SQ08_Aries_Holotape_Scene06_Tape06 006AA622

Miscellaneous items[]

Trading cards[]

Quest items[]

  • Public Event Cargo
  • Public Event Luca's explosives
  • Quest Graveyard shovel
  • Quest Heirloom lighter
  • Quest Nuka-World toy truck
  • Quest Unique repair parts


Note: All of the following plans are tradable unless otherwise noted.

Beasts of Burden[]

Safe and Sound[]

Costa Business[]

Daily Ops[]

Gold bullion and Stamps[]

Note: None of the following plans are tradable.


Grahm's Meat Cook[]

Spooky Scorched[]

Note: The following plans were not included in the original release of Once in a Blue Moon (patch 44), only being implemented with patch 47.


Cut content[]


Note: Both of these perks were added with patch 46 in August 2023.



Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Kieran Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Blue Ridge toy truck
Moon_SQ01_Kieran 0068FD4A
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Eugenie Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Blue Ridge themed stash box
Moon_SQ02_Eugenie 006A173A
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Rudy Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Clean Blue Ridge sleeping bag
Rudy's Canned Pozole (optional)
Moon_SQ04_Rudy 006A0F94
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Libby Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Blue Ridge guardsman paint
Moon_SQ03_Libby 006A1030
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Herschel Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Blue Ridge scout helmet
Moon_SQ05_Herschel 006A17A9
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Vera Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Vera's outfit
Moon_SQ06_Vera 0069F2C7
FO76 bm costabusiness Costa Business: Carver Big Bend Tunnel East Vinny Costa XP
Plan: Trucker uniform
MOON_SQ07_Carver 006A21E3
FO76 bm protocoladonais Protocol Adonais Big Bend Tunnel East (requires completion of Costa Business, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and Out of the Blue) Aries XP
Plan: Sheepsquatch poster
MOON_SQ08_Aries 006A21E4

Public events[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
FO76 bm beastofburden Beasts of Burden Sacramental Glade Luca Costa MOON_Ambush 0068F383
FO76 bm safeandsound Safe and Sound Middle Mountain Pitstop Vera Thornberg MOON_MSignals 00690659

Random encounters[]



Behind the scenes[]

  • The update was released on June 20, 2023. June 20 is West Virginia Day, which celebrates the day that West Virginia was admitted to the Union as a U.S. state in 1863, fitting for the game's setting of Appalachia.
  • The first Inside the Vault article promoting this update featured a banner teasing the two new cryptids, the Blue Devil and the Ogua. With the heading "Who's That Cryptid?", it is a parody of the "Who's That Pokémon?" segment from the Pokémon anime series.



External links[]


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Once in a Blue Moon