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Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland is a scenario created for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, written by Donathin Frye and published by Modiphius Entertainment with the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set.

Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland is separated into three chapters with three acts per chapter. With a Bang, or a Whimper is the sequel scenario included in the corebook, but can work standalone.

It is available for purchase on Steam by way of Fantasy Grounds Unity, an application for role-playing games.


The player characters are each individually drawn by the sounds of gunfire and screams to an open pre-War vault that promises untold riches to anyone who explores it. After surviving a precarious standoff with each other and a doctor named Rast, the PCs venture into the vault together. Inside Vault 95, the PCs learn of the horrible experiment that once took place there. As they explore the vault, they overcome automatic defense systems and deadly traps. They finally find what the raiders are searching for: a gravely wounded vault dweller named Mika who knows of the location of an invaluable device she claims can create a promised land in the radioactive wasteland.— Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland, pg. 6


  • Raiders
  • Super Mutants
  • Mirelurks
    • Mirelurk hatchling
    • Mirelurk queen, wounded
  • Mister Gutsy
  • Wild Dogs
  • Feral ghouls
  • Synth Replica


Behind the scenes[]

In printed corebooks and other pre-release info, the scenario was previously known as Once Upon a Time in the Commonwealth.