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People around here are known for being stubborn, willful, and other...less flattering things.— Captain Avery

Captain Olympia Avery[2] is the leader of Far Harbor in 2287.


The original Captain Avery was raised on a homestead with her mother and brother, Danny Avery, somewhere on the Island. She witnessed the Fog grow thicker and thicker, until islanders were driven to the Mariner's dock on the shore, which eventually became Far Harbor as most know, with Avery becoming the unofficial leader of the motley community. However, she also spoke out against the Children of Atom and their presence.

To calm the people down and prevent further conflict, DiMA killed Captain Avery and altered a synth to look exactly like her and take her place in Far Harbor, even to the point where the synth would believe she is the real Captain Avery by modifying her memories. As expected, the duplicate would be open to the idea of the Children of Atom being on the Island. According to Mitch, Avery had left the Island around '77 or '76 for a spell and when she had finally come back to Far Harbor, she had adopted many ideas from the mainlanders and was pushing Far Harbor to be more open.[1]

When things got bad at the Avery homestead her brother Danny - now new owner of the homestead - wrote a letter to her requesting that she return home and help the remaining family and run the homestead as their mother had died and the Fog drew closer to the homestead daily. However, by the time the letter was sent, Olympia Avery was already dead and replaced by DiMA's synth; the plea for help going completely unanswered.

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Black vest and slacks Synth component


In the trailer for Far Harbor, Captain Avery can be briefly seen wearing a patched suit, but in the final release she wears a black vest and slacks instead.


Captain Avery appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



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