The Olney sewers is a sewer system located in Old Olney. The Olney sewers is the only location where you can discover the unique prototype medic power armor.


The entrance to the Olney sewers can be quite difficult to stumble upon. The round sewer manhole entrance is located between two ruined buildings in the southwest corner of town. The sewers are infested entirely with deathclaws.

There is also a "trap-door" grate in the northeast corner of Old Olney, two blocks north of the fire station. In the pit is a door leading to the Olney sewers. The pit can also be exited by climbing up the wall with the trap-door grate.

Notable loot

  • A utility worker ID next to a skeleton, which will keep the Protectron from attacking.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, along with a missile launcher and Fat Man in a room just east of the southern entrance (A).
  • A bottlecap mine on a workbench (E)
  • A dead Brotherhood of Steel initiate, among other corpses, with the prototype medic power armor and medic power armor manual in a partly collapsed tunnel (B). The image below shows the area surrounding these three corpses. In this case, the corpse has already been looted. (Note: If one leaves without the prototype medic power armor, the armor may disappear). Alternately, sometimes neither the Brotherhood body nor the raiders will appear. The initiate can sometimes appear above ground lying dead on a side street. In the room a little to the left of the room with the medic power armor, there is also a scoped .44 magnum in good condition.
  • In the end of the southern caverns, a Duck and Cover! under/next to a skeleton who appears to have been digging his way out with a spoon. (C). The image below shows the area surrounding the Duck and Cover! book.
  • A mini nuke is in a very hard locked closet (D), along with various other miscellaneous items.


  • Judging by the corpses, beds and number of safes in the sewer, the Brotherhood initiate may have been trapped underground with other wastelanders, forcing them to try and dig their way out or wait for help.
  • The wooden spoon on the tunnel skeleton was probably the only tool left to dig with.
  • Part of the sewer complex seems to have been fitted out as a local civil defense command post pre-war.
  • In a room to the north, not far from the "trap-door" entrance, is a terminal that activates a unique taxi-colored Protectron for a "Maintenance Routine". The Protectron will detect a "critter of unusual size" and run an "extermination program". Once the robot has identified the player as a utility worker using the utility worker ID, it will start a patrol of the sewers, making it a target for the deathclaws.


The Olney sewers appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The "critter of unusual size" line could be a reference to the book and movie The Princess Bride, wherein R.O.U.S. (rodents of unusual size) are prominently featured.


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