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* [[Z-38 Lightwave Dynamics Research]]
* [[Z-38 Lightwave Dynamics Research]]
* [[Ulysses' Point]]
* [[Ulysses' Point]]

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Gametitle-FNV OWB.png

Old World Blues is the third add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was meant to be released simultaneously on all platforms on July 19th, 2011.[1]. However there was a time delay between launches, with Steam launching it first followed by Xbox Live a few hours later. As of 2:00 PM EST and 7:00 PM GMT it is not available on the PSN.


"The residents of the Mojave have long assumed the trackless wastes of the ‘Big Empty’ are a no-man's-land, a desolate stretch where no living thing can survive. In Old World Blues, you discover that it is anything but..."

After being transported to the Big MT research crater, you find you're the only hope of saving the "Think Tank" – a strange group of post-human researchers who inhabit the facility. They enlist your aid to save them from their own experiments - experiments that have gone horribly out of control. As you explore the huge stretch of the Big Empty crater and its many underground labs, you’ll confront strange mutated animals, battle terrifying new atomic robots, and discover a new home base to call your own. Recover all the weapons, armor, and tech of the Pre-War era and use them to help save all of science!


In Old World Blues, the Courier discovers how some of the Mojave’s mutated monsters came into being when they unwittingly become a lab rat in a science experiment gone awry. They must scour the pre-War research centers of the Big Empty in search of technology to turn the tables on their kidnappers, or join forces with them against an even greater threat.


  • Like all New Vegas add-ons, Old World Blues will raise the level cap by 5.[2] Also, the add-on will offer a new trait (and give you the opportunity to change your own traits if you've already chosen them) that will allow you to cap your level at 30 (or current level if you’re already over 30).
  • Old World Blues will, at some point, allow the player to alter the looks of their character.
  • Equipment will not be stripped from the player at the beginning of this add-on, and it features an open-world setting.[3]
  • Like all New Vegas add-ons, companions cannot accompany the Courier to the new land.
  • In Old World Blues, some robotic appliances have personalities, all with different voices.
  • There will be an upgradeable base, The Sink, in this add-on.[4]







Armor and clothing

Other items


The XP that is rewarded for quests is variable based upon your level when the quest is completed. The total XP split between the main storyline quests is approximately 3000 XP at levels 1-4 and 22000 XP at levels 45-50, the secondary quest XP ranges from 75 XP per quest to 550 XP per quest.

Name Location(s) Given by Reward Quest ID
All My Friends Have Off Switches The Sink various The Sink services xx0112E3
Midnight Science Fiction Feature! Mojave Drive-in Mysterious Broadcast Variable XP xx002FCA
Sonic Emitter Upgrade Think Tank Doctor Klein Variable XP xx0166E2
Welcome to the Big Empty The Sink xx002FCB
X-2: Strange Transmissions! Think Tank Doctor Klein Variable XP xx002FCD
X-8: High School Horror! Think Tank Doctor Klein Variable XP xx002FCE
X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator! Think Tank Doctor Klein Variable XP xx002FCF
He Came... And Went Think Tank Doctor Dala Variable XP xx??????


Regular perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Code
Atomic Level 20, Endurance 6 1 With the Atomic! Perk, you are 25% faster and stronger whenever you're basking in the warm glow of radiation. Outside of irradiated areas, your Action Points (AP) regenerate faster the higher your level of radiation sickness becomes.
Mile In Their Shoes Level 20, Survival 25 1 You have come to understand Nightstalkers. Consuming Nightstalker Squeezin's now grants bonuses to Perception (+1 PER), Poison Resistance (+5), and Stealth (+5 Sneak) in addition to the normal benefits.
Them's Good Eatin Level 20, Survival 55 1 Any living creature you kill has a 50% chance to have the potent healing items Thin Red Paste or Blood Sausage when looted.
Implant GRX Level 30, Endurance 8 2 You gain a non-addictive subdermal Turbo (chem) injector. This perk may be taken twice, with the second rank increasing the effect from 2 to 3 seconds and the uses per day from 5 to 10 [Activated in the Pip-Boy Inventory.

Unlockable perks

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Code
Brainless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think tank 1 Head can no longer be crippled, +25% resistance to chem addiction, +5% DT if your DT >= 10 or +1 DT if your DT < 10
Heartless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think tank 1 Cannot be poisoned, healing items are boosted, robots have -50% crit chance
Spineless Initial dialogue with Doctor Klein in the Think tank 1 Strength+1, DT+1, Torso can no longer be crippled


Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type Image
Cardiac Arrest! Recovered X-13 cardiac regulator sneak suit 20 Bronze
Make up Your Mind Made up your Mind... about your brain. 20 Bronze
Making Friends Reactivated all of the Sink's robotic assistance 30 Silver
Outsmarted Complete Old World Blues 35 Gold
Spinal-Tapped Recovered X-8 vertebrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency 20 Bronze


  • Upon entering the Big Empty, saving your game, waiting, or entering doors causes the game to freeze.


  • The kidnappers in question are apparently remnants of a group of pre-War scientists, whose brains have been preserved in mechanical "bodies" consisting of a nutrient jar and three monitors, two of which show human eyes, and the other a human mouth.
  • In episode 36 of Qore, viewers can see that many objects have the ability to talk, such as a light switch, a sink and a toaster.
  • Also in the episode of Qore, Roger Cross states that in Old World Blues players will get a "taste" of Ulysses, the character around whom the Lonesome Road plot revolves.
  • Players will be able to return to the Big Empty after completion of the add-on.
  • The Courier has their brain stripped from them by the scientists and is held as leverage.
  • The sound from the speakers in Dead Money can be heard at the end of the trailer.

Behind the scenes

  • In Dead Money, Father Elijah describes the Big Empty as "a treasure box, a scientific graveyard of Old World misery". Additionally, mentions of the Big Empty act as a trigger for the Things to Come! challenge. The Big Empty was a location that was scrapped from Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3.
  • At some point, Chris Avellone set his location on his Twitter profile to Big MT, Mojave, placing the Big Empty as a location within the Mojave Wasteland and thus teasing its possible appearance in a future Fallout: New Vegas add-on. Since then, Avellone has also changed his Twitter avatar.
  • J.E. Sawyer has suggested that Old World Blues will be the most humorous of the New Vegas add-ons.[5]
  • "Mean Old World Blues" is the title of T-Bone Walker's 1945 remake of his 1942 opus, "Mean Old World".





Old World Blues
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