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The Old Mormon Fort is the oldest building in New Vegas and was recently occupied by the Followers of the Apocalypse.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

The Old Mormon Fort, officially known before the War as the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park,[1] is the regional headquarters of the Followers of the Apocalypse for the Mojave Wasteland,[2] located just inside Freeside's north gate in 2281. It is notable as being the oldest building in the New Vegas area.


The first settlers, Mormon missionaries, arrived on June 14, 1855 and selected a site on one of the creeks that flowed from the Las Vegas springs, on which they would build the fort. The fort served as the midpoint on the trail from Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. During the Utah War, the Mormons that occupied the fort abandoned it, leaving it to fall into ruin.

By 2281, the fort having survived the Great War, now serves as the headquarters for the Followers of the Apocalypse in the New Vegas area.[3]


The Old Mormon Fort consists of a courtyard filled with tents and non-player characters. There are two sections within the walls of the fort, one in the western and another in the eastern corner of the courtyard.


Upon entering, there are two Followers guards behind a sandbag wall in front of a flagpole flying the Followers of the Apocalypse flag. There are six tents in total within the courtyard:

  • The one in the western corner of the fort contains four beds and a chair. Three of the beds are occupied by Wayne, Farris, and Roy.
  • The southwestern tent contains two bunk beds, two empty shelves, two chairs, and a table. Arcade Gannon is usually found within this tent. If he is not there, he can likely be found in the courtyard.
  • The tent in the southern corner contains five oil drums and two large wooden crates.
  • The tent in the eastern corner has three bunk beds, one round table, two chairs, an empty shelf, and one table. There are two gamblers found sleeping in this tent, and sometimes various non-player characters will sleep in the remaining bed. There is also a Followers doctor outside of this tent.
  • The northeastern tent contains two bunk beds, two empty shelves, two chairs, and a table.
  • The southeastern tent contains three bunk beds, one round table, two chairs, an empty shelf, and one table. Followers guards will sleep in the beds of this tent, and a Followers doctor can be found within this tent as well.

Western guardhouse

This guardhouse is directly to the right upon entering the fort. When entering the guardhouse, there will be a small medical area directly forward with nothing of note besides a filing cabinet with one bottle cap inside. To the left are stairs leading up into a bedroom. On top of the bookshelf is the Old Mormon Fort snow globe. There is also a Today's Physician magazine on top of the desk, which is considered owned and must be stolen.

Eastern guardhouse

This guardhouse serves only as storage for the Followers, as evident by the abundance of wooden crates. The only items to collect are the tin cans on the second floor.


¹ After being released from Cottonwood Cove
² Only after completing Cry Me a River

Notable loot

Related quests


  • While inside the Old Mormon Fort, the classic Fallout menu music will play, though it can be very hard to hear.
  • This is the only location to get a Followers lab coat, given by Julie Farkas when the player character achieves "Idolized" status and joins the Followers of the Apocalypse. It is the only +10 Science, or +10 Medicine clothing in the game other than coats with +10, or +15 Science in the Old World Blues add-on.


The Old Mormon Fort appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Old Mormon Fort is based on the real world location of the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Similarly to the in-game description, the real world Old Mormon Fort is the first structure built by people of European heritage in current day Las Vegas.[4]



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