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Better an orphan than a cannibal I guess?

Old Man Harris is a resident of Andale in 2277.


Old Man Harris lives alone in a small shack on the perimeter of town.[1] His wife Gladys passed away, leaving him an unenthusiastic version of his former self.[2] He spends his time inside of his home, sustained by the effort of other residents of the community.[3] Old Man Harris will share information about his past, including growing up in Andale and marrying Gladys.[4] He will relay details of his family who currently live with him in town, including his daughter Linda who has grown up to marry Jack.[4]

The conversation turns into a warning to the Lone Wanderer to leave the town as soon as they can, due to the danger the individuals living here pose to visitors.[5] He implores the player character to escape, stating that although it looks normal and everyone is nice, it is only a trick.[6] He encourages the Lone Wanderer to look into it if they need to be convinced, pointing them to the nearby basement and shed.[7] While attempting to look into Harris' concerns, the other residents of town will dismiss him as senile, state that he is spreading rumors, or that he is joking.[8][9]

If the residents of Andale are killed, he expresses sorrow but understanding, and thanks the Lone Wanderer for their role in what transpired.[10][11] He informs the player character that he intends on raising the children himself.[12] When they inquire about their parents, he dismisses their disappearance as their own decision to leave permanently.[13] The children are pleased with living with Harris, despite expressing confusion regarding the whereabouts of their parents.[14][15] His emotions are mixed at the turn of events, expressing shame for the past, sadness for what occurred but also hope for the children's newfound ability to lead a normal life.[16] Old Man Harris shares his optimism about his role in turning the area into a decent place, caring for the children, and working each day to clean up the mess his family caused.[17][18]

Interactions with the player character

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Effects of player's actions

  • Our Little Secret: If the Lone Wanderer discovers the secret of the town, by going into either the Wilsons' shed or the Smiths' basement and subsequently kills the residents, Old Man Harris will become the guardian of the children and speak more openly of his history.


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Dirty pre-War casualwear
Tortiseshell glasses


  • Killing Old Man Harris will not incur a penalty to Karma.
  • Even if the rest of Andale's residents are killed, Old Man Harris will continue to say things like "Don't be fooled by them!" during dialogue.
  • When Old Man Harris describes his past, he mentions only having one daughter, Linda. In conversation with Martha Wilson, she refers to Old Man Harris as her dad.[19]

Notable quotes


Old Man Harris appears in Fallout 3.


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