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This is a transcript for dialogue with Old Lady Gibson.


DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic000 An attractive woman like yourself all alone? Maybe you and I could work out some kind of trade... Happy 50 I know I'm not young and pretty any more, but I appreciate the thought all the same. {grinning} Here, take the parts, you flatterer. 1
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic001 What do you know about HELIOS One? Neutral 50 The way I heard it, the Brotherhood of Steel ran the place before the NCR took it away from them. I'm not sure who started shooting first. 2
Neutral 50 But, when it was over, the Brotherhood, with all their fancy armor and weapons, was on the run. Nobody's heard from them since. 3
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic002 I don't have the caps. Neutral 50 All right, then. 4
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic004 Goodbye. Happy 10 Take care, now. 5
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic005 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Happy to do it. 6
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic006 I need something repaired. Neutral 50 Sure thing. Let me have a look. 7
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic007 Doctor Henry sent me. I need a new brain for my cyber-dog. Surprise 50 Doctor Henry? Now there's a name I haven't heard in years. Hard to believe he's still alive. 8
Neutral 50 As for your request, it's, uh, a bit ghoulish if you ask me, but Rey is pretty old and I'll probably have to put him down soon enough. 9
Neutral 50 As for the price for this favor, 700 caps sounds about right. Rey's like family, and I've got other dogs to take care of. 10
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008 Did you ever salvage containers of radioactive material from REPCONN? Neutral 50 Certainly did. Hubby and me had an old rad meter to help us tell the difference between what you could salvage and what'd kill you. 11
Neutral 50 I kept a glowing container from REPCONN around here for years serving no better purpose than a nightlight. Damn thing wouldn't sell. 12
Neutral 50 Then along comes the most peculiar-looking fellow, all decked out in a yellow radiation suit, of which he was proud all out of proportion. 13
Neutral 50 The man outright asked if I had anything radioactive for sale - imagine that! But he paid handsome for that jar of goop. 14
Neutral 50 Only saw him that once. He said something about heading over to Clark Field to put his suit through its paces. A strange one, he was... 15
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic009 Do you have any thrust control modules from REPCONN in stock? Neutral 50 As it so happens, I do have some thrust modules, but they're expensive. 500 caps worth of expensive. 16
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic010 About those thrust control modules... Neutral 50 Still got them. 250 caps and they're yours. 17
About those thrust control modules... Neutral 50 Still got them. 500 caps and they're yours. 18
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic011 What can you tell me about REPCONN? Neutral 50 Sometimes it seems like I spent the better portion of my youth in that old wreck of a building. 19
Neutral 50 Me and my hubby, may the man rest in peace, used to scavenge there. If it weren't bolted down, you can bet we took it and sold it. 20
Neutral 50 A lot of the scrap you see around here is from REPCONN, even my favorite chair. 21
< Barter - 50 >
250 caps. Unless you think you'll find another buyer soon for such specialized parts? Happy 5 [SUCCEEDED] Eh, fair enough. It's not like anyone's ever wanted to buy them before. 250 caps it is. 22
You should cut down the price. It's not like anyone will probably buy them. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Oh, I don't know about that. Lots of folks travel by on their way to New Vegas. 23
< Speech - 50 >
But you're going to cut the price to 250 because I'm just that charming, right? Happy 25 [SUCCEEDED] Ha! Yes, you are quite the smoothtalker. What the hell - 250 it is. 24
How about a discount? I'm a nice person. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Oh, you're charming in your own way, I suppose. Not budging on the price for those parts, though. 25
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic015 500 caps it is. Here you go. Happy 5 Pleasure doing business with you. 26
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic017 Never mind. Neutral 50 Okay. 27
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic018 250 caps it is. Here you go. Happy 5 A pleasure doing business with you. 28
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic019 Why do they call you Old Lady Gibson? Neutral 50 Well, I'll give you a hint - they used to just call me Gibson. I hope you can figure out the rest. 29
Neutral 50 I don't mind, to be honest. Living long is a real accomplishment these days. Remains to be seen if I end up dying peaceful in my bed. 30
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic020 I don't have the caps with me right now. Neutral 50 No worries. I'll hold onto those parts for you. 31
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic023 Deal. Here's 700 caps. Neutral 50 {to a dog} Here, Rey! Mama's got something for you. 32
< Barter 70 >
I'm offering Rey immortality of a sort. Are you really going to put a price on that? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fair enough. {to a dog} Here, Rey! Mama's got something for you. 33
It's just a dog's brain. I don't think it's worth that many caps. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I happen to disagree. 700 caps, and that's my one and only offer. 34
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic025 Never mind. Neutral 50 All right, then. 35
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic026 Let's talk about Rey's brain. Neutral 50 Like I said before, give me 700 caps and Rey's brain is yours. 36
DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic027 How did you meet Doctor Henry? Happy 25 He and I had joined up with the same caravan. Add in a lot of whiskey, and, well, let's just say we got to know each other. 37
GREETING GREETING Happy 20 Hi there. I'm Old Lady Gibson, or so they tell me. I've got odds and ends for sale, and I'm pretty good at fixing things, too. 38
Neutral 50 You might have noticed the very large building just north of here. That's HELIOS One. The NCR runs the place, so it's off-limits to prospectors. 39
GREETING Neutral 50 So you're back. Now, where did we leave off? 40


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Take care, now. 41