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Massive... bigger than anything you or I will ever see. Ol' Peg. A giant blue ghoul whale.— A caravan guard at Bunker Hill

Ol' Peg is a legendary "ghoul whale" mentioned in the Commonwealth.


An aquatic creature, Ol' Peg is described as a giant blue ghoul whale, living in the ocean off the Boston Harbor.[1]


In a conversation between two caravan guards in Bunker Hill, one tells the tale of her grandpappy seeing Ol' Peg while gathering mirelurk eggs on the beach.[2][3] The guard describes the creature as being one of many ravaged by radiation, having grown massive in size, creating a tremendous clamoring sound as it emerged from the ocean, causing her grandfather to flee.[2][3] She encourages the other caravan guard to ask any of the old timers, who will corroborate the story.[2]


Ol' Peg is mentioned in Fallout 4.


  1. Caravan guard: "The ghoul whale is real. Ol' Peg. Right outside the harbor. Dark and ominous things swim the deep."
    (Bunker Hill caravan guard's dialogue)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Caravan guard A: "You know my rifle, belonged to my grandpappy. Bravest son-of-a-bitch that walked the 'Wealth. That's a fact. He used to make the odd cap back in the day by gathering mirelurk eggs by the beach."
    Caravan guard B: "Bullshit."
    Caravan guard A: "No. It's good money if you're quick enough or good with a gun. And he was both. But he stopped doing it for good the day he saw Ol' Peg. with his own two eyes."
    Caravan guard B: "Ol' Peg? Is that supposed to mean something?"
    Caravan guard A: "You don't know of Ol' Peg? You've covered enough miles to know first-hand that radiation ravages all living things in its own way. But no one wonders... about the deep blue sea."
    (Bunker Hill caravan guards' dialogue)
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    Caravan guard B: "A ghoul whale?"
    Caravan guard A: "As the fog gathered, he saw that great beast submerge back into the deep. And my grandpappy fled for the first and last time in his life. Ask any of the old timers and they'll all agree - something ancient and terrifying haunts the sea."
    (Bunker Hill caravan guards' dialogue)