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Papa can be a stubborn man, but he's not a tyrant. He listens to his tribe, and to four voices in particular: me, Jack and Diane, and Melissa. If you can convince all of us that allying with Caesar is a bad idea, you might be able to sway him.Regis

Oh My Papa is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Its outcome will affect what the Great Khans do by the end of the game.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Oh My Papa
IF NCR: Wipe out the Great Khans.
Reward: 700 XP and 500 caps
OR 5 Low-Condition 10mm SMG
OR 2 super stimpaks
Talk to Papa Khan.
Talk to Regis outside the Great Khan longhouse.
Obtain the support of Papa Khan's four advisors, Regis, Melissa, Jack, and Diane.
(Optional) Disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan.
Convince Papa Khan to break the alliance with Caesar and either leave the area or suicide bomb the Dam during the final battle.
IF NCR: Forge an alliance between the NCR and Khans by assassinating Papa Khan and replacing him with Regis.
Reward: 700 XP and 500 caps
OR 5 Low-Condition 10mm SMG
OR 2 super stimpaks

Detailed walkthrough

Note: This is a multiple option quest. There are several different solutions.

  • Travel to the Great Khans' base in Red Rock Canyon.
  • Enter the Great Khan longhouse, which is up a cliff on the right, and is the only non-tent building (It will be marked on the Pip-Boy map). During the daytime Regis, Papa Khan and Karl can be found sitting and eating behind a long table.
  • Talk to Papa Khan. Exhaust all chat options. One will learn that the Khans have an alliance with Caesar's Legion. The Courier's orders are to destroy the Khans if they are allied with the Legion. One can do this, but there are also several alternatives.
  • Exhaust all chat options with Regis and Karl. This may require reading Karl's journal found in the unlocked back room within a footlocker.
  • Upon going through all of the various dialogue options, talk to Papa Khan again. A new option will appear, where the player character can formally request that the Khans break off their relationship with the Legion. Papa will refuse.
  • Exit the longhouse. There will be a forced conversation with Regis. He heard one asking Papa to break off with the Legion, and agrees that an alliance with the Legion is not the best course of action for the Khans. He will tell the player character that they can convince Papa Khan to end their alliance with the Legion by obtaining the support of the 4 advisors (Regis, Jack, Diane and Melissa) and discrediting Karl. This officially kicks off the quest.
  • Talk to Regis again, and he will tell the player character that if he were the group’s leader, he would ally them with the NCR instead.
  • (Optional) (NCR): Return to Colonel Moore. If one tells her that the current leader will not support the NCR she will order the player character to assassinate Papa Khan. Accepting this order is the quickest way to end the quest and the only way to have the Great Khans become an ally of the NCR, but one can choose a more diplomatic approach.
  • (Conclusion Option 1) (NCR) Assassinate Papa Khan: Note: If one is doing the main questline with Mr. House or the Independent/Yes Man factions, one must not pick this option (otherwise the Khans will still fight on Caesar's side in the final battle). The player character must complete the quest normally, through convincing the four Khans and performing Speech checks or bringing Papa Khan the book. Once this is done, he can be asked to change his mind and ally with the NCR. He will say no, but one can tell him to stick around a while longer. The quest marker will say to tell Colonel Moore that the Khans are dealt with, but one can instead propose an alliance between the Khans and NCR to her. Following this dialogue will further the quest, with the objective to assassinate Papa Khan. If the player character can kill Papa Khan undetected by the other Khans, Regis will become the leader of the Khans. Regis will then agree to ally the Khans with the NCR. This is the only outcome that aligns the NCR with the Great Khans.
    • Papa Khan can be killed in his room by pickpocketing his room key, picking the hard lock and waiting for him to enter, or waiting until midnight, when he goes to bed. Follow him in and wait until around 2 am while sneaking with a silenced weapon (or melee), reverse pickpocket an explosive, or use the Mister Sandman perk.
    • Another option is to wait until the afternoon, Papa Khan can be found in the outhouse behind the longhouse. One can sneak up on him there and use an explosive or silenced weapon, and the rest of the camp will not become alarmed.
    • Find Regis either in the longhouse or in his tent and follow the conversation. His tent is located near the big fire with the roasting brahmin. It has some skulls in front and an NCR flag inside.
  • (Conclusion Option 2) The diplomatic solution (NCR and Yes Man): One needs to earn the trust of 3 out of 4 Great Khan advisors. With this option the player character can convince Papa Khan to leave the alliance with Caesar and either leave the Mojave' to "claim their own glory" or die in a suicide mission against the Legion becoming something other than "ghosts and martyrs" depending on which dialogue options you choose.
    • To obtain Jack and Diane's trust, one only needs to convince one of them. They are located due North, through the canyon at the Red Rock drug lab. Either pass a Speech check of 60 with Jack, or talk to Diane to start the quest Aba Daba Honeymoon. This quest involves running several errands for her. It is also possible to fail Aba Daba Honeymoon because of several bugs and quest conflicts with related quests Bounty Killer and I Love Bananas; yet one can still earn enough trust by simply teaching Jack all of the chems recipes.
    • To obtain Melissa's trust, visit her at the Great Khan encampment and tell her that women are not allowed to serve in the Legion. Although she requires no extra convincing, reaching her in the first place requires reaching an area infested with deathclaws.
    • To obtain Regis' trust, one needs to find him proof that the Legion makes slaves of their allies. Stealing Karl's journal from his footlocker and telling Papa Khan about it will disgrace Karl (fulfilling the optional part of the quest) and gain Regis' support at the same time. Proof can also be found in Caesar's tent in his fort. It's a slave ledger that one will find on one of the tables.
    • (Optional): Find a way to disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan. This can be accomplished by telling Papa Khan about Karl's journal, as above. Alternatively, with high enough Speech (at least 75 to get through all 3 Speech checks), Karl can be provoked into revealing his true feelings about the Khans. Do this while inside the Great Khan longhouse, with Papa Khan also present. Either way, the Great Khans will proceed to kill Karl, and the optional objective will be completed.
      • Note: Stealing Karl's journal from his footlocker and then killing him will disable one from using it as evidence against the Legion for Regis, making the slave ledger in Caesar's tent the only usable proof for this quest. This is problematic if one has not been anywhere near Caesar's camp yet, as there will be no quest pointer once all other objectives for this quest are complete. One can use a console command to manually display the objective to talk to Papa Khan at this point if one wishes to bypass getting the ledger: setobjectivedisplayed 140c3a 55 1
      • Papa Khan will reject the player character's accusation if they bring up the slave ledger with him instead of Karl's journal.
    • Upon speaking to Papa Khan after convincing the other Great Khans, one can pass one of two 75 Speech checks to convince him to break the alliance with Caesar's Legion:
      • Choosing the first Speech check ("claim your own glory") will have the Khans evacuating Red Rock Canyon during the Battle of Hoover Dam (yielding Great Khans fame).
      • The second Speech check ("ghosts and martyrs") will prompt them to perform a suicide attack on the Legion at the dam.
    • If one cannot pass the Speech check, the third dialogue choice regarding past inspiration sends the player character to the Followers. Visit Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort and she will point the Courier toward a Follower named Ezekiel, who is located at 188 Trading Post. Ask him about the Khans and he will give the Courier a history book, Pretty Pretty Horsies: A History of the Mongol Empire. If one delivers this book to Papa Khan with the nicer, first dialogue choice, the Khans will leave the canyon during the battle (and reputation with them will increase); delivering the book with the harsher dialogue choice leads to the Khans' suicide mission.

Quest stages

10 Talk to Papa Khan about the alliance with Caesar.
20 Talk to Regis about convincing Papa Khan.
30 Convince Jack and Diane to speak out against Caesar.
32 Find Diane proof that the Legion persecutes drug runners.
35 Find Regis evidence that Caesar will annihilate the Great Khans.
38 Return the Legion slave ledger to Regis.
40 Convince Melissa to speak out against Caesar.
50 Convince Regis to speak out against Caesar.
55 Talk to Papa Khan about breaking the alliance.
57 Talk to the Followers of the Apocalypse about the Great Khans.
58 Talk to Ezekiel about the history of the Great Khans.
59 Bring the history book back to Papa Khan.
60 Find a way to disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan.
65 Bring evidence of Karl's plan to Papa Khan.
70 Assassinate Papa Khan without being detected.
75 Talk to Regis about the NCR.
80Quest finishedTalk to Colonel Moore about a Great Khans/NCR alliance.
85 Return to Red Rock Canyon and speak to Papa Khan.
90Quest finishedTalk to Regis about the Khans' allegiance.
95Quest finishedWipe out the Great Khans at Red Rock Canyon.


  • If one assassinates Papa Khan and has not yet completed Why Can't We Be Friends?, the quest will instantly fail.
  • If, at the end of the quest, one asks Papa Khan to ally with the NCR and then tells him to stick around, the quest will remain open for the player character to solve via talking to Regis/Colonel Moore and assassinating Papa Khan.
  • If all the commanders in Camp Forlorn Hope are assassinated for the corresponding Caesar quest, Papa Khan will inform the player character that upon his death they will become the new chief. Simply stealth kill Papa when he goes to bed, report to Regis and tell him who the Khans are to ally with (i.e. NCR, Legion or independent). This will result in Khan fame and Papa Khan's unique armor to loot.
  • Halfway through the quest, one may be randomly attacked several times by two recruit legionaries who say "Karl sends his regards" if one fast travels to and from the Red Rock location. They hide behind rocks at the bottom of the hill to the longhouse.
  • It is still possible, albeit difficult, to get Caesar's slave ledger if the Legion is hostile to the player character. Legion armor can be used without problem up until one enters the drawbridge to the inner camp. At that point getting caught by a Legion guard or mongrel on the way to the tent, turning the entire camp hostile, is nearly inevitable. One solution is to use Turbo, though one will need several to make it all the way in and out. A Stealth Boy or the stealth suit Mk II are also viable and will even help one sneak through the tent, in front of Caesar, Vulpes Inculta and the guards.
  • One can turn in the journal and if they quickly go talk to Karl before the Great Khans kill him, one can still do the Speech checks. A neutral reputation can enable the Courier to do this quest even if they are vilified by the Great Khans.
  • If the player character has completed Don't Make a Beggar of Me and cannot find Melissa, they can still complete the quest by assassinating Papa Khan and having Regis side with the NCR. (One may first need to speak with Col. Moore about the possible allegiance to activate this branch of the quest).
  • If the player character's Infamy with the Great Khans is too high (at least vilified) then one will not get the dialogue option from Colonel Moore to assassinate Papa Khan, and assassinating him anyway will not advance the quest.
  • This quest is still available for if one has or is planning to join the Legion; however, while the quest does not grant Infamy for Caesar's Legion, there are still consequences for completion, such as not receiving support during Veni, Vidi, Vici. In addition, completing the quest while working on Legion affiliated quests, especially during Render Unto Caesar, Caesar, when spoken to next time, will react with anger and berate the player character for forcing the Khans to break up their alliance with Caesar.
  • When asking Papa Khan to break his alliance with the Legion, one might have to select the second option (Caesar will enslave the Khans) in order to start the quest.

Behind the scenes

The title of the quest is a reference to a song of the same name performed as an instrumental by trumpeter Eddie Calvert in the UK and as a vocal by Eddie Fisher in the US. A well-known cover was performed on television by Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes after talking to Papa and Regis about the NCR, upon going outside to talk to Regis, he just looks at the player character and will not initiate the conversation that starts the quest. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character convinces Papa Khan to break the Great Khan's allegiance to the Legion, random non-player character chatter after completing the quest will still talk about how the Great Khans were "destroyed" and "massacred," even though a peaceful solution was found. [verified]
  • PCPC If Julie Farkas somehow ends up dead, the quest will be impossible to complete via the book, even if one heads to Trading Post 188 and kills Ezekiel for the book. The only way around this is to convince Papa via the Speech option. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Stealing Karl's journal from his footlocker and then killing him will disable one from using it as evidence against the Legion for Regis, making the slave ledger in Caesar's tent the only usable proof that can be used. You can use a console command to manually display the objective to talk to Papa Khan at this point if you wish to bypass getting the ledger and have completed all other objectives: setobjectivedisplayed 140c3a 55 1 [verified]
  • PCPC Finishing the quest Don't Make a Beggar of Me has a chance of causing Melissa to disappear from the Great Khan encampment. This will make it impossible to complete Oh My Papa via the diplomatic route if one has not convinced her beforehand. The player can use the console to make Melissa reappear by using e5e51.moveto player.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one triggers the dialogue where Papa refuses to break the alliance with the Legion before this quest is started, the option will not come back, as it seems to be a one time dialogue option, and so the quest gets locked and is unable to be completed because one cannot trigger Regis coming up to the player character and making a proposal after they leave the Long House. Using the console command resetquest 00140c3a will bring back all of the dialogue options needed to trigger Regis although some of them may still be "grayed out." Cycling through all of them normally will allow the encounter with Regis outside of the longhouse. For the Xbox 360, one can still get Regis to trigger his dialogue, but Papa Khan's question will still never show up again. Solution: If one goes at night and/or when Regis is not sitting at the table and talks to Papa, Regis will not give the player character the dialogue necessary to start this quest. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one uses Speech checks to get Karl to reveal his true feelings about the Khans, resulting in his death, "For the Republic, Part 2" will update to inform the player character that they have killed the Khans even though none are dead. This will likewise happen if one convinces Papa Khan not to side with the Legion while Karl is still in their good graces, as they will again kill him. To avoid this bug, steal Karl's journal and show it to Papa Khan. Karl will die, but the quest will proceed as normal. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 For the Republic, Part 2 may not advance after completing 'Oh My Papa' via the "ghosts and martyrs" Speech option. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 A marker is not placed at Caesar's tent to get evidence for Regis, nor does Karl's journal complete objective. Karl's journal is not the proper evidence to complete this quest on Xbox 360 (works on some 360 consoles) and the PS3 (correct one is looking for the Legion slave ledger, which can be found inside Caesar's tent at the Fort). There is a marker for the journal, however no new dialogue appears. No marker is present for Caesar's tent and it appears the quest cannot be finished (this is NOT true. Although the marker is missing, going to Caesar's tent and picking up the Legion slave ledger will update the quest as intended). However, on the 360, Karl's journal is inside the room next door to Papa Khan's in a footlocker, and can easily be stolen. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 If the player character does not get the Speech option to assassinate Papa Khan from Colonel Moore even if they have the Journal entry: "Talk to Colonel Moore about a Great Khans/NCR alliance," go into Papa Khan room's while he is sleeping around 1:00am and kill him, then find Regis and he will show the player character a Speech option about the alliance, then go to Colonel Moore an let her know about it. This way one will get the Great Khans' support in the final battle. This may end the quest as failed and will make Regis become hostile. [verified]
  • PCPC After talking to Regis and obtaining the 'Oh my Papa' quest one may be attacked by some Great Khans who are hostile. Killing them fails the quest. This may be because Boone is a companion at the time as he does remark after killing them "Guess he fought at Bitter Springs" (possibly triggered by Oscar Velasco, if the quest Climb Ev'ry Mountain is completed with him leaving to Red Rock Canyon. Confirmed Boone WILL shoot him on sight if spotted in the wasteland.) [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Talk to Colonel Moore about a Great Khans/NCR alliance. When one heads to Hoover Dam, Colonel Moore is in the Offices area. The marker will tell the player character to go to her office but she is not there, and does not spawn even if one sleeps for a few hours or leaves for a while. [verified]
  • PCPC Offering to find proof of female enslavement for Diane will override Regis' quest target, so completing it will also meet his requirement. Convincing Jack through Speech afterward will get all three characters' support, making the trip to Cottonwood Cove unnecessary. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 One may get the dialogue option to show Regis Karl's journal as evidence without actually finding it first. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 In some cases, the location of Hoover Dam may disappear as a location on the map after completing the quest, in For the Republic, Part 2. [verified]
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