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Earn full access to the Whitespring's Military Wing.

Officer on Deck is a main quest in Fallout 76. While Back to Basic can be completed immediately after exiting Vault 76, One of Us must be completed before this quest can begin.

Completion of this quest grants access to the command wing of the Whitespring bunker, which is necessary to launch nuclear weapons and start other radiant quests.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Main quest: Officer on Deck
Speak with MODUS in The Whitespring bunker's military wing.
Register at the military system terminal.
Earn ten commendations in any combination:
Combat commendation: Defeat a legendary starred enemy.
Combat commendation: Defeat a scorchbeast.
Support operation commendation: Complete an Enclave event quest.
Reward: 80 caps, 1400 XP, Missile silo state holotape, Commendation, Enclave officer hat, Enclave officer uniform, Last Bastion, random consumables.
Leads to: I Am Become Death

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The player must earn 10 Promotional Commendations for this quest by completing 10 activities as outlined by MODUS from the 2 categories below:

Option 1Edit

Kill starred epic creatures or scorchbeasts. One commendation is awarded for each creature. Starred epic creatures are most often encountered in events such as Leader of the Pack, AWOL Armaments, Uranium Fever, Monster Mash and horde events. Not all events will spawn a starred creature but the chances are much better than finding them in random encounters. Scorchbeasts can be found at any fissure site and in the Line in the Sand and Surface to Air events. For easier kills, there are fissure sites near Firebase Major, Firebase LT, and Forward Station Alpha, each base having at least one Automated surface to air missile battery (ASAM). There is also a fissure site near Survey camp Alpha with one ASAM. Attacking the scorchbeast then retreating to one of the bases gives a player assistance in killing the scorchbeast. In the events and at the bases, the player must participate by actively attacking the scorchbeast. If the ASAMs kill it without the player damaging it, no commendation will be awarded. The events can spawn multiple scorchbeasts and a commendation will be awarded for each one the player participates in killing. Despite the proximity of Forward Station Alpha, it is too far away from Fissure site Prime to lure a scorchbeast from there to within range of the ASAM.

Option 2Edit

Complete Enclave events. These will be offered from time to time and are clearly identified as "Enclave Events" on the map. These are radiant quests with varied locations. There are three types:

  • Enclave Event: Dropped Connection which requires re-positioning small satellite dishes in an infested area, usually a town, to allow the Kovac-Muldoon Platform to send down a supply drop, which is unlocked once enemies that threaten the supply drop have been eliminated.
  • Enclave Event: Bots on Parade which requires defending the bots at a Bot-Stop terminal while they are being reprogrammed to serve the Enclave and MODUS. The robots are usually Mister Gusty and Assaultron robots sporting the Enclave black paint job.
  • Enclave Event: A Real Blast where the player activates lures while being swarmed by creatures such as Snallygasters.

The first two events grant one commendation each on completion, the "Real Blast" event grants two commendations per completion.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with MODUS in the bunker Military WingMODUS said I might be interested in what the bunker's military wing has to offer. I ought to pay it a visit.
? Earn Promotional Commendations (#/10)I've finished up basic training. Now I just need to check in with MODUS to get started on earning my access to the bunker's Command Center.
? Register with the Promotion SystemSounds like I need to register myself with the bunker's automated promotion system, which I can do at any military systems terminal.
? Earn Promotion CommendationsI've registered myself with the Whitespring's automated promotion system. It seems there are a number of ways I can collected the commendations needed to earn promotions. The military terminals seem to have more information on how they can be earned.
? (Optional) Kill starred Epic Creatures or Scorchbeasts to earn Combat Commendations
? (Optional) Complete Enclave Events to earn Support Operation Commendations
? (Optional) Become President to bypass the promotion processIcon cut
?Icon checkSuccess! I've earned sufficient commendations to earn myself the rank of General and gain appointment to the Joint Chiefs!


The optional objective to kill legendary enemies no longer appears on screen with the release of the Wastelanders update, but killing legendary enemies is still registered for the commendations.

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