The D.C. Office of Urban Planning (named office building in-game) is a location in Fallout 3, located in Seward Square. A pedestrian bridge connects it to the building beside the Seward Sq. North Metro and is marked on the local map as "Office Building."


The first floor is largely collapsed when entered, with a set of stairs leading to the second floor. Upstairs, there is a few desks and a workstation computer giving an amusing timesheet readout of 417,000 hours required to catch-up on work missed since the apocalypse.

Go out the nearby door to access the skybridge and the button activating the Seward Square artillery. Pressing it multiple times will call in more than one strike.


The building is not occupied by anyone, however, the skybridge may have a Talon Company merc guarding it. As soon as the holotape is picked up, a fight will break out between newly spawned Talon Company mercs and super mutants, giving an opportunity to call in artillery fire on both groups.


  • The entrance to the building is on the south side of the structure, nestled between large debris.
  • The copyright date of the Integrated Human Resources Management System of the Workstation terminal (found in the "About the system" option) is listed as 2256, which is 179 years after the Great War. Whether this is a misprint or intentional is uncertain.
  • After The Waters of Life quest, when approaching the terminal, the sound of a Vertibird passing overhead may be heard. The Vertibird can actually be seen passing overhead if the hole in the ceiling is looked at the right time.


The Office of Urban Planning office building appears only in Fallout 3.


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