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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maple.


GREETING GREETING Disgust 90 I'm afraid you're no longer welcome here. If you come back, we have orders to shoot. 1
GREETING Happy 90 Yes, what can I do for you on this beautiful day? 2
GREETING Happy 90 Have you changed your mind, Outsider? Do you want to speak with Tree Father Birch? 3
GREETING Happy 70 Welcome back, my good friend! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes, Outsider? 5
MS10FinTLReward Tree Father Birch said you may have a gift for me? Happy 50 I helped to create the garb that you see all Treeminders wear. It's said that the cloth has a part of the Great One's spirit woven into the fibers. 6
Happy 50 I present this to you as thanks. Wear this with pride but tell no one where it came from or Oasis may face as yet a greater peril. 7
MS10MapleEntry01 Yes, I'd like to speak to Tree Father Birch. Happy 90 I was hoping you'd say that. Please, proceed inside. 8
MS10MapleEntry02 No, maybe some other time. Surprise 80 Oh! Well, let me know if you change your mind. 9
MS10MapleEntry03 I don't suppose there's more you can tell me about Oasis? Neutral 50 Sorry, I believe that duty lay with Tree Father Birch. 10
MS10TLBirchLaurelTopic What's your opinion of Tree Father Birch and Leaf Mother Laurel? Neutral 50 I think this place would be lost if it weren't for them. 11
Neutral 50 There's no telling what fate may have befallen the Great One if someone like the godless Raiders had gotten here first. 12
MS10TLDoNow What will you do now? Neutral 50 Whatever the Tree Father or Leaf Mother would have me do, I'm still theirs to obey. 13
MS10TLHaroldTopic Tell me about your "god." Neutral 50 He is the Great One. The Tree Father of Tree Fathers. There is no greater being in the world than He. 14
Happy 70 I've dedicated my life to protecting this place from the outside world and I will never fail in that duty. 15
MS10TLJoinTopic So, how did you end up here? Happy 90 I was brought here by His will. I heard his calling, and I followed. 16
Neutral 50 I believe only a few are worthy enough to find this place, and I'm honored to be among them. 17
Fear 60 That's why I dread the day Oasis overgrows its boundaries. 18
Remind me again how you found Oasis. Happy 90 I was brought here by His will. I heard his calling, and I followed. Isn't it wonderful? 19
MS10TLMapleJoinTopic01 Yes, it would be dangerous letting the Wasteland know where Oasis is located. Surprise 70 Exactly! 20
Happy 70 You make me smile, Outsider. It's people like you who give me hope that everyone out there isn't lost. 21
MS10TLMapleJoinTopic02 I don't see that it matters much. Oasis is off the beaten path as it is. Fear 60 I suppose so, but you found it. How many others will stumble across Oasis? Will they be friendly? 22
Fear 60 I'm worried Outsider, I'm truly worried. 23
MS10TLMapleJoinTopic03 Stop being so selfish! You people should share this place with everyone! Surprise 90 And watch as He is prodded and picked apart by those who seek to exploit Him? 24
Anger 70 I will never allow that! He must remain safe and we will be His guardians! 25
MS10TLTreeminder What did you have to do to become a Treeminder? Happy 90 I had to accept the ideals of Tree Father Birch and cast away my dependence on technology. 26


HELLO HELLO Anger 70 Begone from this place, blasphemer! 27
HELLO Anger 70 You're no longer welcome here. 28