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This is a transcript for dialogue with Linden.


GREETING GREETING Anger 70 Was it too much to ask to expect some civility from you? Bah. Get out of my sight. 1
GREETING Happy 70 It's very nice to meet you, Outsider. I'm Branchtender Linden. 2
GREETING Happy 70 Good to speak to you again. 3
GREETING Happy 70 Ah, it's nice to have the pleasure of your company again. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it you need, Outsider? 5
Tree Father Birch said you may have a gift for me?
Leaf Mother Laurel said you may have a gift for me? Happy 70 I've never known someone to show as much caring as you did towards us. It seems to be rare to run into anyone like that anymore. 6
Sad 50 That's partly why I never returned to my former life after I found myself in this place. 7
Happy 50 Allow me to present a piece of my past to you, friend. Perhaps it will serve you better than it served me. 8
MS10TLBirchLaurelTopic What's your opinion of Tree Father Birch and Leaf Mother Laurel? Happy 50 I've only known them for a very short time, but when I first arrived they immediately took me in and treated me just like a son. 9
Sad 70 There aren't many people in the world left like that. 10
MS10TLCaves Any information you could give me on the caves below Oasis would be helpful. Neutral 50 Oasis is located near what used to be an old mining town before the bombs fell. 11
Neutral 50 When the attacks started about 200 years ago, many people took shelter in the natural caves that dotted the area. 12
Neutral 50 The old gate that stands at the mouth of Oasis Cave is the last piece of architecture from those days. 13
MS10TLDoNow What will you do now? Neutral 50 I'll remain here and help in anyway that I can. I owe them my life, and I intend to repay that debt until my last breath. 14
MS10TLHaroldTopic Tell me about your "god." Neutral 50 Well, I'm not so sure the Great One is a god... I mean, I don't believe in that sort of thing. 15
Happy 70 However, I am beginning to realize He's special... something greater than any of the creatures in the Wasteland. 16
Tell me about your "god." Neutral 50 Being in His presence gives me the greatest sense of peace I've ever felt in my entire life. 17
Happy 90 Look around you, Outsider. This place wasn't built by man or made by a machine. This place is a miracle and only a god can perform a miracle. 18
MS10TLJoinTopic So, how did you end up here? Neutral 50 I was found dying in the Wastes not far from here by a trader caravan. They knew about this place and brought me to Bloomseer Poplar. 19
Neutral 50 She nursed me back to health, and I've stayed ever since. 20
Remind me again how you found Oasis. Happy 50 There isn't much more to the story. I was dying and these people saved my life, so here I'll remain. 21
MS10TLLindenJoinTopic01 Dying? How awful! What happened to you? Neutral 50 I was a Brotherhood of Steel Outcast. We had a deep patrol out here, looking for some tech and then got jumped by some Deathclaws. 22
Neutral 50 They shredded everyone else and left me bleeding to death. If it wasn't for Oasis and Bloomseer Poplar, I'd be dead right now. 23
Neutral 50 Honestly, I've never seen anything like this place... it's beautiful. It's a shame only a few people will ever get to see it. 24
MS10TLLindenJoinTopic02 Why'd you stay here after you recovered? Neutral 50 I felt I owed these people for bringing me back from the brink. 25
Neutral 50 Honestly, I've never seen anything like this place... it's beautiful. It's a shame only a few people will ever get to see it. 26
MS10TLLindenJoinTopic03 I'm not sure I could live with these loonies. Anger 90 You have a lot of nerve! We've shown you nothing but hospitality and then instead of thanks, you chose to hurl insults? 27
Anger 50 I'm all for sharing Oasis with the rest of the Wasteland, but if you're an example of what we face in doing so, perhaps it's a mistake! 28
MS10TLTreeminder What did you have to do to become a Treeminder? Neutral 50 I sort of fell into it I guess. I woke up here and I just stayed. After a while, I became one of them. 29
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Fear 70 I'd prefer not to talk about it. Some people wouldn't appreciate my past. 30


HELLO HELLO Sad 70 Leave us and never look back, Outsider. 31
MS10TreemindersCeremonySay MS10TreemindersCeremonySay Neutral 50 In the name of His Frondescence, I call His wrath upon you, so that, wherever you may go, you bear it with you... 32