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This page is about the location. For the quest with the same name, see Oasis (quest).
If anything, this place will become a memorial to Him lest we may forget.Tree Father Birch

Oasis is a settlement in the Capital Wasteland which is full of trees and green plants. It is located northwest of Clifftop shacks and north-northeast of Broadcast tower LP8. Birds can also be heard singing once inside the gate, suggesting that animal life has been flourishing here. It must be entered from the northwest.


Oasis was originally a mine, but after the Great War it became just another part of the wastes. That was until Harold and Bob, a uniquely mutated product of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (or FEV), arrived. Harold hosted a tree growing from his head which he likes to call Bob and at times "Herbert" because, as he says, "Bob hates it." The grafted human and tree eventually found themselves overwhelmed by Bob's plant needs and became rooted to the ground ending their travels through the Capital Wasteland region sometime after 2241.

Here, they were discovered by several people who began to worship Harold as a god, despite all his protests to the contrary. These few grew to be a small and sometimes exclusive cult known as the Treeminders. These dogmatic few began to form, in secrecy, a full religion. Bob began to blossom (which Harold apparently finds embarrassing), and many plants grew in this area, which became green with life, a stark and dramatic contrast to the rest of the wasteland.

When the player character arrives he or she is urged to talk to Harold. After a "cleansing ritual" held by the Treeminders, the player character meets with Harold. After learning his history, the player character is given the option of either killing him, increasing his fertility, or slowing it down. This is the main plot/quest element for Oasis, and each choice has its own repercussions with the Treeminders and can affect the player character's Karma.


Oasis is situated almost at the top center of the map. It is surrounded by steep cliffs, and can be entered only through a small gorge by traveling west to east. The entrance is small and can be easily missed; use the compass for assistance.

The GroveEdit

Main article: The Grove

The Grove is a small part of Oasis that is surrounded on all sides by trees and cliffs. This area can only be accessed after the Lone Wanderer has taken part in the ritual. It is entered via a wooden gate that comes from the pavilion, after it has been unlocked. In the middle, the talking tree, uniting Harold and Herbert/Bob, can be found. To the south-east, a small radioactive pond can be found. If the Lone Wanderer dives in the pond, an Easy locked hidden underwater door can be seen, which leads to the damp cave.

The CavesEdit

The damp cave is a cave that connects the Grove with the sunken chambers. It is accessed via an easy-locked underwater door from a pond in the grove. Inside there is a small contaminated lake (5 RAD/sec) with a few level dependent mirelurks. There are several junk items floating on the water of the small lake and on the bottom of the small lake. Several skeletons can be found under water.


Notable lootEdit


Sunken chambersEdit

  • Caverns map
  • Sunken chambers map
  • Damp cave map

As one enters the sunken chambers, turning left and up in a small room one will find:

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine nearby an orange glowing hole in the wall (inside a wooden box with the baseball glove).
  • 1 pre-War book, on the trunk next to the table.
  • 1 Stealth Boy, on the table between some chems.
  • At the bottom of the northern pond, 1 mini nuke.
  • Past the northern pond, at an intersection marked by green glowing fungi, a Stealth Boy.

Damp caveEdit

  • On land, continuing around the right side of cave, one will find a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Related questsEdit


  • Three Dog will make a mention of a tree-filled place in the Capital Wasteland in one of his news items, although he admits he "may have been experimenting with jet" at the time.
    • If one completes the Oasis quest by burning Harold, Three Dog will blame the player character for starting a forest fire in a place where it shouldn't be possible.
  • In the Grove where Harold is, it is possible to get behind the gates leading into the center of Oasis.
  • Coordinates to Oasis can be gained via the drifter at the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel, or either the Oasis merchant or Oasis raiders 'Type A' random encounters.
  • Unlike in most settlements where provoked residents will stop fleeing after one's weapon is holstered, the residents of Oasis will remain permanently hostile after being attacked the first time.
  • All human residents of Oasis have horticultural names.


Oasis appears only in Fallout 3.


Playstation 3Icon ps3 It is possible that certain dialogue options will disappear after completing the main Oasis quest, making it impossible to obtain your reward. There is no known reason for this, but it may have something to do with certain dialogue choices made prior to completion of the quest. [verified]


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