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O Holy Night is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on a Responder corpse dressed in pastor's vestments, laying in the bed of a pickup truck with a piano at the refugee camp area of the Morgantown Airport.



O ho-ly night the stars are bright-ly shin-ing it is the night of the dear Sav-ior's birth

long lay the world in sin and er-ror pin-ing till He ap-peared and the soul felt its worth. A

thrill of hope the wear-y soul rejoic-es for yon-der breaks a new and glo-rious morn! Fall on your knees! O

hear the an-gel voic-es! O night di-vine! O night when Christ was born! O night di-

... O night, O night di-vine!

Behind the scenes

This note contains the lyrics to the English version of the classic Christmas carol, "O Holy Night."