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O'Neill Family Manufacturing is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This location, once a business that repaired broken robots, is now in the Glowing Sea. The terminal contains records of the customers and their robots. The first was William Thomas, whose Mr. Handy repeatedly fell to the ground. The robot was found to have several loose screws. The next customer, Jerod Beene, brought in a heavily modified Mr. Handy that was repeatedly bumping into walls in the house. Two of the Mr. Handy's three optical sensors had been wired incorrectly. The last entry describes a customer named Jessica McCann, who brought in a company-issued Protectron smelling of mildew. The lower compartment of the bot was completely filled with water.


What appears from the exterior to be a small building is actually only a room on the roof of the mostly buried larger structure. To the northwest of the closed inaccessible door is a hole descending into the upper level of the building itself. The building consists of a few small rooms on two levels. On the lower level is a room with an empty power armor station, a couple of containers, and a terminal which may be used to open the door to the room on the roof, which contains up to four feral ghouls and a steamer trunk.

Notable loot

Sentry bot model - To the right of the terminal.


O'Neill Family Manufacturing only appears in Fallout 4.