Sergeant O'Malley was the former senior drill instructor of Camp McClintock in 2077.


O'Malley was removed from his post in May 2077 following an initiative to fully automate the military camp. He resentfully accepted his new task of training the Mister Gutsy units to fulfill the drill instructor role. He became more and more frustrated as months passed, listing his grievances such as their inability to move up steep inclines or stairs, malfunctioning and reverting back to landscaping the grass (poorly, at that), refusing to shut up and one robot's shooting of Private Adams with seventeen stray rounds. By August, Camp McClintock had become fully automated, with O'Malley casting serious doubt on the future of the facility. He was thankful that he would, at least, not be present when "shit hit the fan," and considered applying him and his family to a vault.[1]


Sergeant O'Malley is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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