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This is a transcript for dialogue with Graves.


Full house today, Doc. What's wrong with everybody?
What's wrong with everybody? I didn't think Ghouls got sick. Fear 100 Neither did I. Doctor Barrows is working on it, but it doesn't look good. They're getting worse by the day. 1
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Chop Shop. I'm Nurse Graves, Doctor Barrows' assistant. 2
Happy 50 Don't let our place's name fool you. The Doctor is very good with injuries, dismemberments, and trauma. 3
Neutral 50 If you require any Stimpaks or Bloodpacks, let me know. 4
GREETING Happy 50 And how can we help you today? 5
What can you tell me about Mister Crowley?
Do you talk to Crowley much? Can you tell me anything about him? Neutral 50 He's not my type. Doc Barrows is friendly with him though. Why don't you ask him. 6
MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGateway I'm injured. Anything you can do for me? Happy 50 Certainly, we can help you. Please speak to Doctor Barrows. 7
Neutral 50 Oh, and we only take caps... no barter. 8
MS18NurseGravesExit01 Amazing! Do you think it will really work? Neutral 50 Well, we're trying not to get too excited. Not only because we want to keep it quiet, but also because the experiments look so promising. 9
Neutral 50 For now, just please try and keep what I've told you quiet. No telling what reaction this could have if it got out. 10
MS18NurseGravesExit02 Interesting. Neutral 50 Not impressed, huh? Oh well. I didn't expect a human to understand the gravity of this experiment anyway. 11
Neutral 50 Just do me a favor, and don't mention this to anyone. No telling what reaction this could have if it got out. 12
MS18NurseGravesExit03 A Ghoul that wants to be human? That's a good one! Anger 50 Well, I've never been so insulted! I expected a little more from you, but I see you humans are almost all alike! 13
Neutral 50 Don't worry about Reilly, we'll take care of her. Now, if you'll excuse me. 14
MS18NurseGravesReilly What can you tell me about Reilly? Sad 50 Poor girl. I didn't think she'd make it through the first night she was brought in here. 15
Neutral 50 Doctor Barrows has done everything in his power to keep her alive. 16
MS18NurseGravesReilly01 Why does Doctor Barrows care so much about humans, anyway? Neutral 50 The doctor is convinced that the key to curing our... appearance is locked within the human body. 17
Neutral 50 When Reilly was brought in here he saw a chance to put that theory to the test. 18
MS18NurseGravesReilly02 You seem to be taking very good care of her. Neutral 50 Well, she's very important to Doctor Barrows and she's my patient. 19
Neutral 50 I don't care if she's human or Ghoul, she gets treated the same here. 20
MS18NurseGravesReilly03 He's experimenting on her? That's twisted! Neutral 50 First and foremost on Doctor Barrow's mind is her health and well-being. I can assure you of that. 21
Neutral 50 So far, none of his conclusions are finalized, but the tests he's running are coming up quite positive! 22
Neutral 50 Oh... I shouldn't be telling you any of this. 23
MS18NurseGravesReilly04 Has he met with any success? Happy 50 So far, none of his conclusions are finalized, but the tests he's running are coming up quite positive! 24
Surprise 50 Oh... I shouldn't be telling you any of this. 25
MS18NurseGravesReilly05 It's nice that you care so much. Neutral 50 I don't share the philosophy that Ghouls and humans are different. We were all the same once. 26
Neutral 50 So why should I treat Reilly any worse than a Ghoul who comes here looking for help? 27
Neutral 50 Anyway, I must get back to my duties. If you need anything else, please let me know. 28
MS18NurseGravesReilly06 Hmph. I thought Ghouls hated humans. Neutral 50 Humans have too many misconceptions. Some of us don't get along with humans, but the majority of us are learning to live with our differences. 29
Neutral 50 I only wish that the humans in the Capital Wasteland felt the same way. It would make life so much easier... 30
Neutral 50 Anyway, I am taking too much time speaking with you when I should be working. If you need anything, let me know. 31
MS18NurseGravesReilly07 Why not? Neutral 50 Well, some of the Ghouls in Underworld object to what the Doctor is doing. 32
Neutral 50 They think Ghouls are Ghouls and humans are humans. Like we were meant to be this way. 33
Neutral 50 Some have even threatened the doctor. I'm afraid one day something might happen to him. 34
MS18NurseGravesReilly08 What exactly is the doctor trying to do? You can tell me. Neutral 50 He's trying to come up with a cure. A way to stop the human to Ghoul transition. Perhaps even one day to reverse it! 35