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Creation Club logo.jpgThe following is based on Creation Club content and is not canon.

Nunez's note is a paper note in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Gunners vs. Minutemen."


Next to Minuteman Nunez's corpse, in a church west of Hyde Park.



Ever since Quincy, a handful of us have been talking in secret, gathering supplies, and getting ready for war. The plan is to storm into the city and raise our flag up high for all to see. One Last Star Spangles Fuck You to the Gunners and their crew.

Captain Mercer says to the time to strike is now. I told him I was on my way, but if he saw an opening, not to wait up.

When I get there, I've got a special surprise cooked up for those assholes, a T-51 Power Armor set I stole from a Gunner camp. I've got it stashed away in a garage east of Hyde Park.

The problem is it's got a Gunner paint job, so to avoid friendly fire, I asked our resident painter, Alex, to give it our colors. While she's latering it up, I'm gonna stop by the church and pick up my personal weapons cache. Maybe on the way, I'll ask God if he's be so kind not to fuck us this time.

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