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Nuka Tapper is a holodisk game in Fallout 76.


Nuka Tapper can be found inserted into the terminal of the starting domicile in Vault 76. Player characters that have left Vault 76 before taking it will need to acquire it elsewhere because reentry is restricted. The magazine for the holotape can also be found at Site Charlie, at the foot of the overseer's cache.


The player controls Vault Boy working as a server at a Nuka-Cola bar. Patrons will slowly move down one of four counters. The player needs to fill mugs from one of four taps and then glide them down the counters to the patrons before they reach the end. After the patrons have drank their Nuka-Cola, they will slide the mug down the counter for the player to grab before it breaks on the floor. The game is over if more than three mugs are broken.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Nuka-Tapper's name and gameplay are based on the 1983 arcade game Tapper by Bally Midway.
  • The sprites of the patrons originate from Fallout Shelter.


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