Nuka Cola Needs is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Miscellaneous Quest: Nuka Cola Needs
Speak to Sheffield in the Diamond City market.
Buy or a find a Nuka-Cola.
Give Sheffield a Nuka-Cola.
Reward: Sheffield as a settler

Detailed walkthroughEdit

While shopping in the Diamond City market, the Sole Survivor will come across Sheffield who is mumbling something about Nuka-Cola. Speaking to him will reveal that he is a Nuka-Cola addict suffering withdrawal symptoms. The player character can give Sheffield a Nuka-Cola to slake his thirst after which he will express his gratitude. The Sole Survivor can then recruit Sheffield to one of their settlements if they so desire.

Quest stagesEdit

10Icon checkGive Sheffield a Nuka Cola

Companion reactionsEdit

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