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For an overview of this weapon in the Fallout series of games, see Fat Man.
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The Nuka-nuke launcher is a weapon featured in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The Nuka-nuke launcher is a Fat Man nuclear catapult with a unique modification. Instead of regular mini nukes it launches Nuka-nukes, a specially modified, quantum-enhanced version with increased explosive power.

The launcher deals 50% more damage than its basic counterpart and is therefore the second-most powerful weapon in the game, outclassed only by a Fat Man with a MIRV modification or the legendary Two Shot prefix. While it cannot be outfitted with the MIRV mod itself, it retains the advantage of the standard Fat Man's much longer range.

Apart from its superior damage output and its unique ammunition, the Nuka-nuke launcher looks and handles exactly like its base version.

Weapon modificationsEdit

ModDescriptionWeapon prefixIcon damageIcon attackIcon rangeIcon spreadAssault carbine extended magazinesIcon weightIcon merchantEffect(s)Perk(s) requiredComponentsBase ID
Standard launcherAdhesive x4
Aluminum x6
Gears x6
Nuclear material x4
Screw x5
Spring x6
Steel x9
Nuka-nuke launcher+4.3xx051791

The Nuka-Nuke launcher is a stand-alone modification similar to the craftable MIRV mod. It can therefore be detached from its original carrier Fat Man and attached to another one, like Big Boy for instance, to benefit from any Legendary weapon effects the new carrier weapon might bear.



Found at the end of the Cappy in a Haystack quest in the vault below John-Caleb Bradberton's office, along with three Nuka-nukes and the schematics to craft more ammunition, by siding with Bradberton over Sierra Petrovita and cutting power to the vault.


  • It is possible to acquire both the Nuka-nuke launcher and Sierra's Nuka-World jumpsuit by siding with her first and shutting down the vault's power after she has handed over the item. The doors to the weapon storage will open, but Sierra will turn hostile if this path is chosen although the Sole Survivor can choose to leave the area to avoid having to kill her. (Note as of version 1.10.64 if you take this route Sierra will cry out when the power is turned off, but will not turn hostile).
  • Shots fired from the Nuka-nuke launcher detonate in a bright-blue explosion instead of the normal reddish-yellow mushroom cloud of a regular mini nuke, due to the Nuka-nuke's Quantum enhancement.
  • With full perk support, the Nuka-nuke launcher can exceed 3000 points of damage per shot for a basic, non-critical hit, applied to everything in its huge area of effect. Since this is enough to instantly kill even high-level player characters clad in power armor, great care should be taken to stay as far away from the impact point as possible.


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