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The Nuka-nuke is a type of ammunition in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Nuka-nukes, as well as the prototype weapon capable of deploying them, were one of the results of Project Cobalt, a secret joint research program involving the United States Armed Forces and the Nuka-Cola Corporation. The project's main focus rested on the highly radioactive Strontium-90 isotope which, according to various terminal entries found in the Nuka-World theme park, could not only be used to make Nuka-Cola Quantum glow in the dark, but also to "militarize pretty much anything". Applying its enhancing properties to the Fat Man's already devastating ammunition resulted in a warhead with massively increased destructive power that detonated in a bright-blue ball of nuclear fire.

Since the Nuka-nuke project was still in its prototype stage when the Great War broke out, the technology never made it into field deployment before the Old World ended. More than two centuries later, the only known examples still reside with the only launcher in existence, safely locked away in John-Caleb Bradberton's personal vault deep below Nuka-World.


Nuka-nukes are a unique craftable version of the standard mini nukes. They deal 50% more damage than the base model when fired with the Nuka-nuke launcher, the only weapon capable of deploying them.

Nuka-nukes look somewhat different from normal mini nukes, bearing a cleaner Nuka-Cola-red paint job instead of a weathered military olive drab, as well as a glowing blue ring towards the tip that indicates the warhead's quantum enhancement. Aside from these visual deviations and not being available for purchase or looting anywhere else in the Wasteland, they are identical to regular mini nukes in terms of size and weight.


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