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Nuka-World on Tour is the fourteenth major update for Fallout 76. It was released on December 6, 2022. It was preceded by Expeditions: The Pitt and was followed by Mutation Invasion.[1]



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Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Betty Hill Dialogue Yes 0066F9AF 0067479B Nuka-World on Tour
Bruno the Strongbot Dialogue 0066D17C 0066D180 Nuka-World on Tour
Chloe the Clown Dialogue 0066D17D 0066D181 Nuka-World on Tour
Del Walsh Dialogue Yes 00668ABC 00668B1D Nuka-World on Tour
Gunther Jenkins Dialogue 0065D46F 00661FF5 Nuka-World on Tour
Jack Woodhouse No Yes ???????? ???????? Abandoned mine shaft 2
Lady G the Fortune Teller Dialogue 0066D17B 0066D17F Nuka-World on Tour
Leo Petrov Dialogue 00674969 ???????? C.A.M.P.
Mr. Lovely Dialogue 0066C129 0066E507 Tunnel of Love
Patricia Myers Dialogue 0066F9B0 0066F9B1 Nuka-World on Tour
Pete Myers Dialogue 00664B04 0066614A Nuka-World on Tour


  • Ultracite Titan
  • Mole rat
    • Ultramite
  • Protectron
    • Deputy bot
  • Liberator
    • Varmint
    • Gold varmint
  • Assaultron
    • Bounty hunter bot
  • Sentry bot
    • Sheriff bot



Armor and clothing[]


Miscellaneous items[]



Most Wanted[]

Seismic Activity[]

Spin the Wheel[]

Tunnel of Love[]

All events[]


Vendor Chloe the Clown[]

Cut plans[]


Tunnel of Love[]

All of the recipes are available solely as rewards from Event: Tunnel of Love.


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Angry note NWOT_Note_Pat_01 00663BC6
Text Betty's journal NWOT_Journal_Betty_01 0066AFAE
Text Complaint to a mad man E09D_GunthersComplaints02 006669EA
Text Del's journal NWOT_Journal_Del_01 0066AFAD
Text Gunther's journal NWOT_Journal_Gunther_01 0066AFAF
Text Jack's journal NWOT_Journal_Dead_Bloodeagle 006644DF
Text Note to Pete NWOT_Note_Betty_01 00683E50
Text Pat's journal NWOT_Journal_Pat_01 0066AFB0
Text Pete's Bandit Roundup highscores NWOT_Note_Pete_01 00683E4F
Text Pete's journal NWOT_Journal_Pete_Poems 00663BC7
Text Terrible show E09D_GunthersComplaints01 00666863
Text Torn note W09A_PointerNote 0066DE2E
Text Ultracite mining journal W09A_RaiderJournal 0067BC89


Name Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound Holotape What Slept Beneath NWOT_Beneath_Holotape 00664B03



Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
Icon Fo4 side quest What Slept Beneath Abandoned mine shaft 2 Pete Myers NWOT_Beneath 00664AD8

Public events[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
F76 Most Wanted Most Wanted Nuka-World on Tour Gunther Jenkins Gunther's Big Iron or Western Spirit E09D_MostWanted 0065E071
F76 Event Seismic Activity Seismic Activity Nuka Launcher Nuking Abandoned mine shaft 2 Grand Finale or Molerat Bat E09A_Launcher 0063461B
F76 Event Spin the Wheel Spin the Wheel Nuka-World on Tour Bottle and Cappy Whacker Smacker E09B_Wheel_FS_ButtonActivator 006355AB
F76 Event Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love Mr. Lovely Burning Love or Love Tap

NWOT consumable recipes

E09C_LoveTunnel 0065B0A8

Behind the scenes[]

  • Nuka-World on Tour is a callback to Nuka-World, the location of an add-on for Fallout 4.
  • The snow globe items are a reference to Fallout: New Vegas, in which the Courier could collect snow globe(s).
  • During the initial Public Test Server run for this update, a system was implemented to remove legacy mods and legendary effects attached to weapons that violate the game's EULA, in order to maintain the fairness of the in-game weapon balance. However, this change did not appear in the first live release of Nuka-World on Tour and was delayed to a future update.[2] This change was ultimately implemented with Update 41, a patch in between Nuka-World on Tour and Mutation Invasion.[3]
  • The roadmap banner features the silhouette of an unimplemented Mister Handy variant.


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