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The Nuka-World contest flyer is a flyer in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Found at Bradberton's office.


Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant

  • Row down the river and see the old west
    where Cappy is hiding. Can you Pass his test?

Nuka-Town U ·S ·A ·

  • Down near the bottom of Fizztop Mountain,
    Cappy's enjoying a view of the fountain

Dry Rock Gulch

  • This Hidden Cappy is close to the ground
    Look in the place where tombstones are found
  • To find the next Cappy you'll have to be bold
    and search Where Mad Mulligan pans for gold

Galactic Zone

  • Walk through the stars, and then look around
    Your happy friend Cappy is sure to be found!
  • A great space adventure is waiting for you,
    and under the Starport, a Cappy is, too!

Safari Adventure

  • Enter the hedges and join the new craze!
    Find your next Cappy somewhere in the maze
  • It's no monkey business where this Cappy waits
    An animal statue is his hiding place

Kiddie Kingdom

  • Cappy likes hiding up top near the sky,
    so head for the castle and search way op high!
  • Keeping your feet on the spinning floor
    could make it a challenge to find the right door

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