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Welcome to a place like no other, where refreshments and wonder collide to create an unforgettable vacation experience. With six unique sets of attractions to explore, Nuka-World has fizzy fun for the whole family.— Promotional quote

Nuka-World is a pre-War amusement park turned raider settlement in 2287. It is in Massachusetts, west of Boston.[1]


After Nuka-Cola's success on the national market, the soda-themed amusement park, Nuka-World, opened its gates for the first time on May 1, 2050.[2][3] On opening day, over 40,000 tickets were sold. Due to the overwhelming success, plans to expand beyond the original two parks, Nuka-Town USA and Kiddie Kingdom, were set in motion immediately.[4] The additions included Dry Rock Gulch in 2058, followed by Safari Adventure in 2067.[4] The result was ticket sales nearly doubling overnight.[4]

Demand for space, housing, and parking resulted in the construction of an employee community in 2060, dubbed Bradberton, Massachusetts, for park staff members to live, reducing commute times and traffic congestion.[1] The last park area, Galactic Zone, opened to the public in 2072, was the last expansion to the park before the war.[5]

Decline and military contracts[]

Nuka-World map

Although incredibly popular, the amusement park struggled to maintain proper standards, especially as the Sino-American War dragged on. The primary reason for the deterioration was John-Caleb Bradberton's obsession with prolonging his own life. In March 2076, he struck a deal with General Braxton. In return for granting the military access to his Beverageer Division and their expertise for the Project Cobalt chemical weapons program, Bradberton would gain access to the military Life Extension And Prolongation Program.[6][7]

The military contract took absolute priority. Bradberton poured his personal fortune and diverted funds from Nuka-World's operating budget towards Project Cobalt and LEAP-X. He spared no expense, including bankrolling salaries for LEAP-X researchers to ensure both projects would reach completion. Although the cuts in Nuka-World's budget resulted in aforementioned decline in standards, Bradberton considered the park expendable, believing that nuclear war would render amusement parks obsolete.[7] By 2077, the poorly engineered and maintained rides caused constant accidents, injuries, and even fatalities: In 2076 alone, Del Walsh, the resident paramedic, treated 7 broken bones, 9 major lacerations, 78 muscle injuries and 166 minor lacerations all caused by ride malfunctions, and the first six months of 2077 saw two people outright killed at the park.[8] The lax attitude affected even personnel, and unsanitary conditions due to neglect and carelessness were common, even at medical facilities at the park.[9]

The military projects thrived, on the other hand. After the Cobalt team produced an isotope of strontium-90 that could be used as a coating for power armor in October 2076, just six months after starting, they focused on refining the isotope for further use. Applications included a custom munition for the prototypical M42 Fat Man and a safely deployed from something as simple as a Thirst Zapper. The isotope could even be used "somewhat safely" in a new type of beverage, the Nuka-Cola Quantum, named after the isotope designation in the Beverageer's system.[7]

Collaboration with the military and other military contractors, in particular RobCo Industries, Nuka-World gained access to military-grade robotics. Concentrated primarily at the Galactic Zone's Battlezone, the models included Protectrons, sentry bots, and Assaultrons. Every robot was controlled by a cutting-edge STAR mainframe, which would allow Bradberton to control the machines, defending the park if necessary.[10] To bolster his personal security, a private sanctuary was built beneath Nuka-Town USA by Vault-Tec.[10] As a result of the decreasing support for staff and lack of critical upgrades, adding this caliber of robotics made the employees even more nervous.[11][12] Employees who spoke up about their concerns were fired, putting even more strain on those that remained.[13] Their concerns were confirmed shortly thereafter when employee Tim Wittingstone was accidentally shot to death by the robotic performers.[14]

Undeterred by the incidents and complaints, Bradberton forged ahead, ordering Quantum to be fast-tracked through the approval process and presented as the culmination of a three-year research program. During quality control testing, at least 62 test subjects died as a result of organ failure, with many more hospitalized with radiation burns before a safe isotope was created.[15] Bradberton having held up his end of the bargain, the general did the same, moving forward with the final step of the LEAP-X process to sustain Bradberton's life indefinitely. The original intention of LEAP-X was to create a living bio-suit to preserve his body, but Bradberton was nonplussed to learn the power and component requirements rendered this plan impossible, and that only fifteen pounds of organic matter could be accommodated. If he wanted to move forward and prolong his life, only his head could be preserved. In January 2077, he confirmed his wishes to the team.[16]

Over the following months, Bradberton sorted his affairs, only sharing his plans with his executive assistant, Peyton Huxley, whom he had entrusted to act on his behalf should something go awry. On April 2, 2077, Bradberton underwent the surgical procedure, his head successfully removed and transferred into the LEAP-X system.[17] He had instructed his assistant to bring him daily updates should he live, as Peyton was the only one outside the LEAP-X team who knew about the procedure.[17] The Great War occurred six months later, resulting in Bradberton having successfully survived both the surgery and nuclear onslaught, remaining unscathed in his vault underneath the amusement park.

Post-War, Nuka-World became the site of a small trading settlement inhabited by peaceful settlers and traders. However, the park's resources and defensive layout made it a desirable target for the raider gangs in the area. Inspired by Porter Gage, a raider named Colter united the Operators, Disciples, and the Pack and seized control of the park. Overboss Colter and his subordinates turned the park into their fortress, enslaving the original inhabitants and using it as a staging point for small-scale raiding operations.


Unmarked locations are in italic type.


In Fallout 76, Nuka-World is mentioned by Bubbles at the Whitespring Resort, and promotional apparel and junk items featuring Nuka-World are found in Appalachia.[18] Mentions of Nuka-World in Fallout 76 were greatly expanded upon with the Nuka-World on Tour update, which introduced a traveling Nuka-World carnival that is still active post-War.


Nuka-World appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World, in Fallout Shelter Online, and is mentioned only in Fallout 76 and its update Nuka-World on Tour.

Behind the scenes[]

Nuka-World takes strong influences from real-world Disneyland, Hersheypark, and Walt Disney World. Specific similarities include:

Additional locations
Nuka-Town USA - Main Street U.S.A.
Fizztop Mountain - Matterhorn Bobsleds
Nuka-World transit center - Disneyland Railroad, Disneyland Monorail System, Mickey and Friends parking structure, Transportation and Ticket Center
Grandchester Mystery Mansion - Haunted Mansion and Winchester Mystery House
Nuka-Cola bottling plant - Hershey's Chocolate World
World of Refreshment - It's a Small World
Dry Rock Gulch - Frontierland
Doc Phosphate's Saloon - Golden Horseshoe Saloon
Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Galactic Zone - Tomorrowland/Space Mountain
Safari Adventure - Animal Kingdom
Cappy's treehouse - Tarzan's Treehouse
Kiddie Kingdom - Fantasyland
Carousel - King Arthur Carousel
King Cola's Castle - Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Bradberton - Planned employee communities Hershey, Pennsylvania and Celebration, Florida
The theme song's description of the park as the "cheeriest place in all the world" references the official Disneyland motto as "the happiest place on earth."



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