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Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!— Official Description

Nuka-World is the sixth add-on for Fallout 4. The add-on will only begin after level 30, when the player character will begin to hear a new radio, the Nuka-Cola Family radio. However, the add-on can be started earlier by entering the Nuka-World transit center.

Release and availabilityEdit

Nuka-World was released on all platforms, on August 29th, 2016.[1]


After listening to a broadcast from The Nuka-World Amusement Park, the Sole Survivor travels to the theme park. Put through a "game" known as The Gauntlet, the Sole Survivor manages to kill Overboss Colter, and becomes the overboss of the three Nuka-World raider gangs — The Operators, The Disciples and The Pack — and must take over sections of the park and assign them to the raider gangs before setting their sights on a bigger prize, the Commonwealth. The player character can assist any of the three gangs or choose to destroy them.



Robots and computersEdit



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Armor and clothingEdit






Holodisks and notesEdit


World objectsEdit

Crafting conditionsEdit

Objects for the different park zones will not unlock unless certain conditions are met. The amplifier will not appear in the workshop menu unless a Nuka-World transmitter is built and powered, and the resources and dealers sections of the raiders category will not appear until Home Sweet Home is started. Additionally, items under the flags, resources and dealers categories will not appear in the workshop menu unless the settlement is raider-controlled.

The quest Safari Adventure must be completed to unlock the Safari Adventure category, High Noon at the Gulch for Dry Rock Gulch objects, Star Control for Galactic Zone objects and A Magical Kingdom for the majority of the Kiddie Kingdom objects. Galactic Zone objects unlock after putting 20 cores into Star Control and repairing the mainframe; unlike the other parks, one does not need to plant a raider flag to unlock the objects.

Settlement objectsEdit


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
All Aboard
All Aboard Nuka-World transit center Nuka-Cola Family radio or entering the Nuka-World transit center 200+ XP
Access to Nuka-World
xx000800 DLC04MQ00
Taken for a Ride
Taken for a Ride Nuka-station, Nuka-World access tunnels, Cola-cars arena RedEye 500+ XP
Full set of Overboss power armor
Title of Overboss of Nuka-World
xx000801 DLC04MQ01
An Ambitious Plan icon
An Ambitious Plan Fizztop Grille
Bradberton Amphitheater
Fizztop Mountain
The Parlor
Porter Gage 400+ XP
Porter Gage as a companion
(Optional) The Problem Solver
xx000802 DLC04MQ02
The Grand Tour Achievement Icon
The Grand Tour Kiddie Kingdom
World of Refreshment
Dry Rock Gulch
Safari Adventure
Galactic Zone
Porter Gage 400+XP xx000803 DLC04MQ03
Fo4NW Park quest icon A Magical Kingdom Kiddie Kingdom Oswald the Outrageous 400+ XP
Oswald's tophat
Sword of Wonders
Control of Kiddie Kingdom
(Optional) Magician's tuxedo
xx03684f DLC04_KiddieKingdomMain
Fo4NW Park quest icon A World of Refreshment The World of Refreshment Discovering the World of Refreshment 350+ XP
Control of the Nuka-Cola bottling plant
xx03684e DLC04_BottlingPlantMAIN
Fo4NW Park quest icon High Noon at the Gulch Dry Rock Gulch Discovering Dry Rock Gulch 400+ XP
200 caps
Cowboy hat
Western outfit
Western revolver
Control of Dry Rock Gulch
xx0431ab DLC04DryRockGulch
Fo4NW Park quest icon Safari Adventure Safari Adventure Cito 400+ XP
Control of Safari Adventure
(Optional) Cito's Shiny Slugger
xx0260e2 DLC04SafariAdventureQuest
Fo4NW Park quest icon Star Control Galactic Zone Discovering the Galactic Zone 400+ XP
Control of the Galactic Zone
All nuka-world robot mods unlocked
xx01e34a DLC04GZMainQuest
Home Sweet Home Achievement Icon
Home Sweet Home Nuka-World Porter Gage 500+ XP
Wasteland Warlord perk Rank 2
xx000804 DLC04MQ04
Power Play Achievement Icon
Power Play The World of Refreshment, Fizztop Mountain, The Parlor, Bradberton Amphitheater Shank 400+ XP
2 of the following gang perks Ace Operator perk, Chosen Disciple perk, or Pack Alpha perk
Electricity to Nuka-World
xx000805 DLC04MQ05
Side quests
Icon Fo4 side quest Amoral Combat Nuka-Town USA, Cola-cars arena Fritsch 75+ XP
Loot from challenger's corpse
Aeternus (Rogue knight)
xx039262 DLC04SettlementFF01
Cappy in a Haystack icon Cappy in a Haystack Nuka-Town USA
Fizztop Grille
Dry Rock Gulch
Galactic Zone
Kiddie Kingdom
Safari Adventure
World of Refreshment
Sierra Petrovita 400+ XP
Nuka-nuke launcher or Nuka-World jumpsuit
xx000806 DLC04MS01
Open Season icon Open Season Bradberton Amphitheater
Fizztop Mountain
The Parlor
Nuka-Town market
Nuka-World power plant
Preston Garvey or Mackenzie Bridgeman 600+ XP xx027704 DLC04RaiderKickout
Icon Fo4 side quest Precious Medals Nuka-Town USA
Dry Rock Gulch
Galactic Zone
Kiddie Kingdom
Safari Adventure
World of Refreshment
N.I.R.A. 75+ XP
Nuka Cola Dark
Nuka Orange
Nuka Cola Quantum
xx03ac61 DLC04SettlementFF02
Trip to the Stars icon Trip to the Stars Hubologist's camp
Vault-Tec Among the Stars
Nuka-World junkyard
Dara Hubbell 450+ XP
200/250/300/350 caps
Hub's Alien Blaster
10 Alien blaster rounds
(Optional) 100 alien blaster rounds
xx000807 DLC04MS02
Radiant quests
Icon Fo4 side quest A Goods Defense Random questgiver 75+ XP
~250 caps
xx02191c DLC04_RQ_DefendCache
Icon Fo4 side quest A Permanent Solution Random location Random questgiver 75+ XP
~250 caps
xx017f46 DLC04_RQ_KillRivalBoss
Icon Fo4 side quest Cache-ing In Random location Fritsch
Mags Black
75+ XP
~250 caps
xx01b170 DLC04_RQ_StealCache
Icon Fo4 side quest Capture Random location Shank 75+ XP xx00db37 DLC04RaidWipeOut
Icon Fo4 side quest Claiming the Commonwealth Random location Triggered following Home Sweet Home xx032a4a DLC04MQ04_RaiderOutpostTracker
Icon Fo4 side quest Cleaning House Random location Triggered following Power Play xx04990a DLC04MQ05Cleanup
Home Sweet Home icon Clear Out Random location Shank xx014352 DLC04RaidChaseOff
Icon Fo4 side quest Collaring Outside the Lines Random location Nisha
Mags Black
75+ XP
~250 caps
xx032a66 DLC04_RQ_CollarTroubleMaker
Icon Fo4 side quest Park Population Handler 5 Nuka-World attractions Five tribute stashes xx0447e8 DLC04ParkPopulationHandler
Home Sweet Home icon Shake Down Random location Shank 75+ XP xx019088 DLC04RaidCoerce
Icon Fo4 side quest Subdue Random location Shank xx016e18 DLC04RaidSubdue
Icon Fo4 side quest Taking out the Trash Random location Random questgiver 75+ XP
~250 caps
xx0322da DLC04_RQ_KillTroubleMaker
Icon Fo4 side quest Under the Collar Random location Mags Black
75+ XP
~250 caps
xx04bd3c DLC04_RQ_CollarRivalBoss


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SPECIAL perksEdit

Name Rank Attribute Name Attribute Rank Character Level Description Base ID
Steady Aim 3 STR 7 49 Hip-fire damage is improved when firing any gun. xx028a23
Awareness 2 PER 3 14 Knowing their weaknesses lets you attack more efficiently. 5% increase to hit chance and damage dealt to VATS targets. xx028a22
Ghoulish 4 END 9 50 Rad damage will now begin to slowly heal, restoring health in the process. xx028a25
Attack Dog 4 CHA 4 31 When adventuring with your dog, you take 10% less damage. xx029b25
V.A.N.S. 2 INT 1 36 Gain +2 to Perception. xx0296c0
Quick Hands 3 AGI 8 40 Quick and efficient. You gain 10 additional Action Points. xx0296be
Mysterious Stranger 4 LCK 4 49 The Mysterious Stranger appears more often in V.A.T.S. When he kills an opponent, there is a high chance your Critical meter gets filled. xx029b26

Quest/faction related perksEdit

Perk Benefit Base ID
Ace Operator Your stealth is increased while in shadows to 90% visibility and you deal 25% more damage with silenced weapons. xx009c8b
Chosen Disciple Kills made by your melee weapons will restore some of your Action Points. xx009c89
Pack Alpha Your damage resistance is greatly increased (25% less damage) and you deal more damage (25%) while unarmed or using melee weapons. xx009c8a
Wasteland Warlord Rank 1: Unlocks new structures at all Raider outposts. xx0277d0
Rank 2: Unlocks additional structures at all Raider outposts. xx0277d1
Rank 3: You rule the wastes! Your outposts can construct all Raider structures! xx0277d2

Magazine perksEdit

Magazine Issue Perk Base ID
SCAV! #1, The Terrible Truce Increases speech challenge success chance by 10%. xx02a9f8
#2, Fear the Knife King +25% Combat Knife and Switchblade damage. xx02a9f9
#3, Mutant Fists of Stephie Knuckles +10% hand to hand weapon damage. xx02a9fa
#4, Nuka Brahmin Stampede! +5% explosives damage. xx02a9fb
#5, That No-Caps Rage +1 Strength & +1 Endurance if you have <10,000 caps.
+2 Strength & +2 Endurance if you have <1,000 caps.
+3 Strength & +3 Endurance if you have <100 caps.

Companion perksEdit

Perk Associated character Benefit Base ID
Lessons in Blood Porter Gage The player character gains +5% more XP per kill and +10 Damage Resistance. xx0479ef


Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
Taken for a Ride Complete "Taken for a Ride" 10 Gamerscore Bronze Taken for a Ride Achievement Icon Taken for a Ride Xbox achievement
Beverageer Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola 10 Gamerscore Bronze Beverageer Achievement Icon Beverageer Xbox achievement
Raiding for a Living Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World Raider Gangs 10 Gamerscore Bronze Raiding for a Living Achievement Icon Raiding for a Living Xbox achievement
Diebrarian Collect every issue of SCAV! Magazine 10 Gamerscore Bronze Diebrarian Achievement Icon Diebrarian Xbox achievement
Hostile Takeover Establish 8 Raider camps in The Commonwealth 20 Gamerscore Bronze Hostile Takeover Achievement Icon Hostile Takeover Xbox achievement
The Grand Tour Complete "The Grand Tour" 20 Gamerscore Bronze The Grand Tour Achievement Icon The Grand Tour Xbox achievement
Home Sweet Home Complete "Home Sweet Home" 20 Gamerscore Bronze Home Sweet Home Achievement Icon Home Sweet Home Xbox achievement
Eyes on the Prize Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade 20 Gamerscore Bronze Eyes on the Prize Achievement Icon Eyes on the Prize Xbox achievement
All Sugared Up Defeat 40 Nuka-World creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor 20 Gamerscore Bronze All Sugared Up Achievement Icon All Sugared Up Xbox achievement
Power Play Complete "Power Play" 30 Gamerscore Silver Power Play Achievement Icon Power Play Xbox achievement


Official trailersEdit


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