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The Nuka-Town USA terminal entries are entries found on two terminals at the Nuka-Town USA within Nuka-World in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Nuka-World information terminalEdit

Note: These two googie terminals are located at the Welcome niche just inside Nuka-Town U.S.A., just after the main entrance gate.


Property of the Nuka-Cola Corporation
Nuka-World Information Terminal

Welcome to Nuka-World! You are currently in Nuka-World's Nuka-Town U.S.A. Please make a selection below to access more information.



The idea for Nuka-World was born on a Memorial Day weekend as John-Caleb Bradberton watched hundreds of American's enjoying an ice cold Nuka-Cola at the fairgrounds. He thought, "A day like this should be everyday!" and the idea for Nuka-World was born.

Construction was started in July 2049, and despite everyone's doubts, opened less than a year later on May 1, 2050. Nuka-World featured Nuka-Town U.S.A. and Kiddie Kingdom as its two main attractions. Nuka-World's opening day saw tremendous success with over 40,000 tickets sold.

Due to the overwhelming success, the plans to expand Nuka-World were immediately set in motion. Dry Rock Gulch opened in 2058, followed by Safari Adventure in 2067. On both occasions, the amount of visitors almost doubled overnight. The Galactic Zone, the last and most ambitious of the planned parks, opened to the public in 2072.

Kiddie KingdomEdit


Kiddie Kingdom was the original featured park of Nuka-World. Famous for its sugary dessert theme, John-Caleb Bradberton wanted to focus on a place for younger children to enjoy.

Some of Kiddie Kingdom's more popular attractions include the Ferris Wheel, King Cola's Castle, Nuka Racers and the Fun House.

Kiddie Kingdom is located northeast of Nuka-Town U.S.A.

The Bottling PlantEdit


It wasn't long after opening that John-Caleb Bradberton realized he wanted to share the joy of making Nuka-Cola with his audience. The local Bottling Plant was remodeled and updated to allow for a fun and educational experience that all ages can enjoy.

Currently, the Bottling Plant is featuring Nuka-Cola's latest product, Nuka-Cola Quantum.

The Bottling Plant is located northeast of Nuka-Town U.S.A and north of Kiddie Kingdom.

Dry Rock GulchEdit


Dry Rock Gulch was the first of Nuka-World's planned expansions. Its grand opening was held on Memorial Day weekend of May 2058 which coincided with the introduction of Nuka-Cola Wild to the public. Inspired by John-Caleb Bradberton's own love of the Wild West as a child, and as a celebration of the Nuka-Cola Wild soft drink, Dry Rock Gulch takes you back in time to the days of cowboys, horses and saloons.

Dry Rock Gulch features Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster and an outdoor theater where you can enjoy child friendly entertainment. Also popular is Doc Phosphate's Saloon where Dry Rock Gulch features its very own inspired Nuka-Cola product to beat the heat: Nuka-Cola Wild.

Dry Rock Gulch is located northwest of Nuka-Town U.S.A.

Safari AdventureEdit


Safari Adventure was the largest undertaking by John-Caleb Bradberton. It took a grand total of 7 years to build thanks to the valuable input from a variety of zoological and environmental scientists. It finally opened its gates during the Labor Day weekend of 2067, 9 years after Dry Rock Gulch.

Popular attractions at Safari Adventure include Cappy's Treehouse, the Primate House, and the Reptile House. And please mind our dust as we work hard to bring you future entertainment with the Angry Anaconda Rollercoaster. Coming soon in 2078!

Safari Adventure is located north of Nuka-Town U.S.A.

Galactic ZoneEdit


As the shining pinnacle of Nuka-World, John-Caleb Bradberton's final inspiration was to bring his customers a taste of the future with the Galactic Zone. Opening at the start of the season in 2072, it set records as the most popular attraction in Nuka-World to date.

The Galactic Zone contains a unique collaboration between the Nuka-Cola Corporation, Vault-Tec, and RobCo Industries. Go on a space adventure at Nuka-Galaxy, prepare for the future at Vault-Tec's Among the Stars, and finally, experience RobCo's latest and greatest in robot technology at the RobCo Battlezone.*

The Galactic Zone is located west of Nuka-Town U.S.A.

*Not all content may be appropriate for children.

Infirmary terminalEdit

Note: This desk terminal is located on the googie desk in the office of the Nuka-Town U.S.A. infirmary.


Infirmary Staff Only

Message IndexEdit

New Team MemberEdit



Please welcome our new team member, Derek Larson. Derek is a registered nurse who comes to us from Medford Memorial. Like all of us, he's fond of children and can't wait to work in such a unique environment.

Please make Derek feel right at home.

Claire Simonson, MS, FNP-BC

Importance of SanitationEdit


Please make sure to maintain a sanitary workplace for the health and safety of our guests. Do not leave unfinished food and drinks out for an extended period of time. If you make a mess, clean it up immediately. I've seen too many instances of spilled Nuka-Cola or half-eaten lunches left at the desk.

In that same vein, wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly after every meal and rest roomIcon sic visit.

Failure to meet the appropriate sanitation standards can get us shut down by the state board, and I don't think anyone wants to see that.

Thank you,

Del Walsh, Senior Paramedic



When approached by guests who have questions about the park, make sure you direct them to N.I.R.A.! N.I.R.A. is not only our park's proud mascot, she's a valuable source of information.

Moreover, we want as many guests as possible participating in our fun and exciting Park Medallion collection challenge. Our surveys have shown time and again that it's one of our visitors' favorite activities, not only because it steers them toward our most exciting attractions, but because it rewards them for completing the activity.

Guests who participate in the Park Medallion search tend to score several points higher in overall satisfaction, so let's give everyone the chance to make the most of their Nuka-World adventure!


The Hidden Cappy Contest and YouEdit


Over the past several days, we've received some troubling reports regarding the compliance of park employees with the rules for the Cappy scavenger hunt contest.

In the event that these lapses are due to a lack of clarity regarding what is and is not acceptable behavior, please review this message carefully.

Under no circumstances shall any park employee provide a hint, suggestion or other form of direction to any park guest regarding the location of any Hidden Cappy image.

Should any such behavior be observed and reported, punitive measures will be swiftly taken, up to and including immediate termination.

The proper way to respond to such inquiries is to encourage persistence. The contest is challenging by design, and the reward unique.

That reward must be earned by diligence and observation on the part of our guests, not by cheating and favoritism on the part of our park employees.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

T. O'Connor
Director, Human Resources

Communication and ConsiderationEdit



In the future, if you take the liberty to reorganize our supply closet, please have the courtesy to notify the entire team, especially if you move some of the items to a different closet.

I don't have to remind you how busy things get around here on the weekend. Nobody wants to make our patients wait as we search for throat culture sticks or toilet paper.

Communication and consideration are vitally important in the work we do. Let's keep that in mind.

Claire Simonson, MS, FNP-BC

Upcoming VacationEdit


As you know, I'll be leaving the office for an extended period of time as I travel to Europe. During this time, Doctor Michaels will be our acting senior physician. I expect you all to give Doctor Michaels your full support for the duration.

Del Walsh will also fill in as lead during some shifts, in order to ensure that Doctor Michaels gets a little time off.

I know you'll make me proud and keep the clinic going smoothly in my absence. As a reward, I promise to bring you each back a souvenir.

Until then, please make sure that if you need me for anything urgent, you speak to me about it in the next two weeks.


Dr. J. MacDonald, Senior Physician

Quantum, Quantum, Quantum!Edit


This is an exciting time for all of us. Nuka-Cola Quantum has made its public debut, featuring one of the most unique flavors we've ever produced, not to mention a visually striking appearance. It is truly a time for celebration.

I encourage everyone to get into the spirit of this landmark event by promoting Nuka-Cola Quantum at every opportunity. Let all of our guests know just how amazing and irresistible you find the flavor of Nuka-Cola Quantum to be. Suggest that our patrons try some at their next available opportunity, if not right away.

We have a considerable inventory to move, but more importantly, we want to make the best first impression possible, and we'll only have that opportunity once, right now.

Those employees who are seen to demonstrate particular enthusiasm toward Nuka-Cola Quantum will be awarded a discretionary bonus. Let's get out there and earn it!

With your help, I believe we can make this the greatest product launch in the history of the Nuka-Cola Corporation.


Physician's LogEdit


Third time this week I've found spilled Nuka-Cola somewhere in the clinic. Time to send the team a friendly reminder.

Interviews with new nurse candidates are set for Thursday and Friday. Need to adjust the schedule so Doctor Michaels can fill in while I meet with the candidates.

Finalized itinerary for upcoming vacation. Need to pay deposit and start making final plans.

Bradberton's called an all-hands meeting, mentioned an announcement of some kind. He's been keeping to himself more than usual lately. Thought I saw some military personnel head into his office the other day. Opening up new markets?

Note to self: follow up with Hoffman about getting a dentist set up in the clinic. Lost count of the number of visits we get due to tooth pain.

More kids with skin irritation. Ever since the Nuka-Cola sprayers came online, there's been a marked increase in the number of these kinds of cases. Might be worth suggesting a less acidic variant of the Nuka-Cola to load into the sprayers.

The big Quantum debut is at hand. I have to confess a certain amount of trepidation at what we're going to see. Clinical trials can only prove so much when it comes to a drink as experimental as Quantum. Our test market trials say it's going to be a big hit, so once it hits the public, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out if there are any unexpected side effects.

Supply OrdersEdit


Order ID: 144877
Pens, QTY 2 boxes
Clipboards, QTY 3
Disposable pillows, QTY 10

Order ID: 144878
Surgical head light, QTY 2
Exam gloves, white nitrite QTY 5 boxes
Nasal cannulas, QTY 2 boxes

Order ID: 144879
Cold packs, QTY 10 boxes
Disposable resuscitator, QTY 5
Eye wash, QTY 1 case
Triangular bandages, QTY 3 boxes

Order ID: 144880
Alcohol prep pads, QTY 1 case
Stretch gauze bandages, QTY 1 case
Flexible fabric adhesive bandages, QTY 1 case

Order ID: 144881
Cervical collar, QTY 5
Fingertip pulse oximeter, QTY 3
Cloth surgical tape, QTY 4 boxes
Rectangular wash basin, QTY 1 case
Antiseptic towlettes, QTY 2 cases

Order ID: 144882
Cotton tip applicators, QTY 4 cases
Exam table, QTY 1

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