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All pilots, get to your ships! Prepare for takeoff!— Nuka-Galaxy announcer

The Nuka-Galaxy is a location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park in 2287.


Nuka-Galaxy was an attraction completed with the rest of the Galactic Zone in 2072. It boasted a lengthy and dynamic rollercoaster track, modeled as a counter-attack led by Nuka-Girl against attacking aliens. Throughout the ride, robots can be found combating animatronic aliens, while turrets attached to UFOs attack but never strike the rider.


After restoring power to the park, Nuka-Galaxy contains one of the two working rides in Nuka-World. Other than unlocking the employee doors, one can get through the areas by walking on the rails and jumping over the stationary rocket cars.

Many robots are scattered around, hostile to the player character. All lootable items are refreshed after restoring power, allowing the Nuka-Girl rocketsuit to be looted twice, as well as the robots becoming neutral to the player character.

Notable loot

  • Two Nuka-Galaxy employee keys - One on a console opposite of the Nuka-Girl mannequin and another in the overview control room close to the mannequin. Opens several doors.
  • The Nuka-Girl rocketsuit on a mannequin at the very end of the ride.
  • Seven star cores are scattered throughout the location:
    • One in a control room just to the right of the boarding platform.
    • One is part of the second Nuka-Galaxy control terminal, just after the first big room filled with asteroids.
    • In a computer terminal right before the battle between robots, and just after using the working lift.
    • After going through the hallway with robots fighting animatronic aliens, there are a lot of stairs. Going up these stairs and into the next hall, there are stairs on the left. On the top of the stairs is a computer with a star core, to the right of the skeleton lying on top of it.
    • In a terminal at the exit ramp.
    • Between the exit ramp and the boarding platform is connecting hallway with master locked doors. Going up the stairs behind any of the two ends up in a control room. One star core can be found here.
    • In a room adjacent to the above is the last star core.
  • Nuka-Galaxy medallion - In the corridor leading to the exit.

Related quests


  • When the main power is restored to the park after Open Season or in Power Play, the roller coaster can be ridden by the Sole Survivor.
  • The location will refresh after restoring the main power after Open Season or Power Play, except for the star cores.


Nuka-Galaxy appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenes

The male announcer at Nuka-Galaxy was voiced by Jim Cummings.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 After riding the attraction and exiting the ride vehicle if the player character attempts to immediately re-board the ride while still in the unloading area the view will freeze and no controls will work. Audio continues. The only solution found is to reload an earlier save. [verified]
  • PCPC Gage's comments in this location seem to be tied to the lighting mode, which causes him to act as if the ride has been repaired if "ride lighting" is activated before restoring power to the park. [verification overdue]