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The Nuka-Cola recipes are recipe books in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

There are a total of 15 Nuka-Cola recipe books that can be found throughout Nuka-World. Each book gives the Sole Survivor the ability to craft a different variation of Nuka-Cola.

Recipe locations

Recipe Location Location Description Consumables Form ID
Nuka-Berry recipe Kiddie Kingdom
King Cola's Castle
Inside King Cola's Court, behind the stage in the right dressing room on a desk next to candles. Nuka-Berry xx04431C
Nuka-Bombdrop recipe Dry Rock Gulch
Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster
Outside Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster, it's to the left of the building on a Hot-dog stand between the Bandit Roundup stand and Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster. Nuka-Bombdrop xx044320
Nuka-Cide recipe Nuka-Town USA
Cappy's Cafe
Walk to the back of the cafe to find the kitchen. After that turn right and it will be on the counter. Nuka-Cide xx04430C
Nuka-Cooler recipe Galactic Zone On a bookshelf in a Star Market vendor, first one on the left. Nuka-Cooler xx044318
Nuka-Frutti recipe Hubologist's camp Inside the diner, 1st floor in a makeshift room on the left. It's on a dining booth table on the right. Nuka-Frutti xx044323
Nuka-Hearty recipe Safari Adventure On the West side of the Safari Zone is The Jungle Journey Theater. From the theater entrance, go to the right, around to the shack behind the theater. Enter it to find the book. Nuka-Hearty xx044328
Nuka-Lixir recipe Kiddie Kingdom
Fun House
Top floor of the Fun House in the control room, next to the Fun House Control System terminal. The entrance is the door to a maintenance hallway just before you reach the chained door at the end. Nuka-Lixir xx044326
Nuka-Love recipe Evan's home Given by Evan at his home, which is south of Nuka-Station. Nuka-Love xx044314
Nuka-Power recipe Nuka-World power plant On the far West side of the map, there is an area called the Nuka-World Power Plant. Enter it, and near the very top of the building is the manager's office. You will know you've found the correct room as it has a pool table, and some skeletons sitting at a desk. On that very desk is the recipe book. Nuka-Power xx04431E
Nuka-Punch recipe Grandchester Mystery Mansion Found in Grandchester Mystery Mansion. Take the tour, at the end you will find it on top of a dresser on the right. Nuka-Punch xx04430E
Nuka-Ray recipe Galactic Zone
RobCo Battlezone
Found in the gift shop below the stands on one of the middle shelves facing the register. It is possible for this recipe to be knocked off the shelf to the floor upon entry. Nuka-Ray xx04431A
Nuka-Rush recipe Safari Adventure
Welcome Center
In the center of the Safari Zone, there is a Welcome Center building. Walk inside, then immediately jump down to the first floor, where there is a ring of desks and terminals. On this ring of desks is the Nuka Rush Recipe which is next to Welcome Center Terminal. Nuka-Rush xx044310
Nuka-Sunrise recipe Dry Rock Gulch At the Dry Rock Gulch theater, in the south building behind a expert locked door. On a small table next to a bottle statue. Nuka-Sunrise xx044324
Nuka-Void recipe Galactic Zone
Starlight Interstellar Theater
Inside Starlight Interstellar Theater, take a right or a left to go into the viewing screen room, then head towards the concession counter on the right as you enter. It is possible for the recipe to be outside of the concession stand, usually near the right-side facing the entrance of the stand. Nuka-Void xx044316
Nuka-Xtreme recipe Dry Rock Gulch Climb up the theater stands/seats and go up the ladder on the left side. There you will find the book on the table in front of a skeleton. Nuka-Xtreme xx044312


Adding the books to the inventory via console commands will not unlock the respective recipe at the Nuka-mixer stations. Neither does spawning them on the floor and then picking them up. They explicitly need to be collected at their original locations.

  • To collect a recipe you can use console command "MoveTo", but need to increment by 1 with the recipe ID. Sample for Nuka Xtreme recipe: "xx044313.moveto player"
  • Two exceptions exist to the above rule of thumb. The Bombdrop recipe ID is xx044322 and the Frutti recipe is xx044321 despite the books being xx044320 xx044323 respectively.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The recipe for Nuka-cooler may not spawn or falls through the ground, and is thus unobtainable.[verified]
    • PCPC The ability to craft Nuka-cooler, thus getting the achievement, can be obtained with SetStage DLC04NukaSodas 70.
    • It is still possible to acquire this recipe book if one takes power armor and faces it towards the wall where the book was laying. Turn up the sensitivity to max and draw a gun so the camera spins even faster. Swing the camera around so one looks away from the wall and at the same time exit the power armor. If timed right one will exit the power armor and end up behind the wall, the book will be visible on the ground under the map, grab it, then fall into the empty void to respawn on the ground.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The Nuka-Xtreme book may not be visible at all because it is stuck in the layers below the roof due to the player character going into the room below it so knocking it off the table.[verified]
    • PCPC The ability to craft Nuka-Xtreme, thus getting the achievement, can also be obtained with SetStage DLC04NukaSodas 40.
    • PCPC You may still get to the book using the console command tcl to go through the roof.
    • Alternatively reload to before one entered Dry Rock Gulch and go straight to the book's location without going into the room below it, and the book will be on the table this time.
    • Additionally it is possible to blast the book out of the layers below the roof, by throwing a grenade on top of the yellow, metal container behind the stored bottle mascots.