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This facility is a stunning accomplishment by the creative minds at the Nuka-Cola Corporation. We use cutting edge equipment to keep the world's most popular soft drink in full production 24 hours a day. This unit prides itself on over 457 days without a single death or major limb loss of any personnel.Milo

The Nuka-Cola plant, officially the D.C. Nuka-Cola Bottling Facility,[1] is a large, three-story factory building located at the southern edge of the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It is populated with Nukalurks, Nuka-Cola security Protectrons, and radroaches.


The building is divided into four sections, including research and development, storage and mixing vats, offices, and the factory floor:

Research and development

The first section of the factory contains the R&D department (the cell's name "Factory Floor" refers to the part beyond the locked door). Look up at the ceiling immediately after entering the lobby to see a hole and part of a filing cabinet with a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in it. The terminals here contain some info on the development of Nuka-Cola Quantum and the difficulties that occurred in the process. There is an R&D safe here, that can be unlocked only with a key that is in possession of Milo, which contains the Nuka-Cola Clear formula. The actual factory floor on the other side of the locked door can be reached by a detour through the rest of the building, starting with the door to the storage and mixing vats in the northwest section of the plant.

Storage and mixing vats

Mixing Vats.jpg

The storage and mixing vats section of the factory is partially flooded with glowing blue liquid, which has given rise to Nukalurks, a special mutation of mirelurk, which can only be encountered inside of the Nuka-Cola plant. In the room with two Nukalurks and the suspended Protectron, there is a "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola family!" note on the desk by a working automated maintenance terminal. The note is addressed to a new worker named Larry, and contains his employee ID number.

To continue on, look for a descending passage, which leads to a flooded radioactive area of the plant, where the exit to the offices can be located in the northeastern part of the main open area. Pass the first set of catwalk stairs, and look for a second set of stairs off to the left as heading north. Follow the second stairwell and drop down to the ground level to access the exit.


The room with four skeletons

In the offices section of the plant, there are two skill books that can be found on the second floor: Lying, Congressional Style on top of a safe in the eastern part of the area in a small office, and a Big Book of Science in the room just north of Winger Mercier's corpse in the southwest corner of the area, along with a note on Mercier's corpse regarding a contract to recover the uncompleted Nuka-Cola Clear formula.

There is a locked room here that contains four skeletal corpses and a note entitled "Help me"; a short diary of a factory worker locked in the closet by Milo as punishment for taking a prolonged break time. After a few days, another worker had joined the prisoner in his misery, apparently for bathroom "misbehavior", and eventually, the final body count shows that more were punished later.

Factory floor

The area behind the locked door in R&D, this floor can also be accessed through the offices should the door be impassable. In the bottom level of the factory floor, a relatively friendly Mister Handy named Milo can be found, which is in possession of the R&D safe key, and the shipping computer password. The key and the password can be obtained either by impersonating Larry, and giving Milo his ID number, by persuading Milo with a high enough Speech skill, resetting him with the Robotics Expert perk, or by simply killing the foreman.

The packing computer (Very Easy) is located on the factory floor level two rooms before the entrance to the offices, and can be used to manufacture 3 Nuka-Cola Quantums before the bottling line jams permanently.

Notable loot

Factory floor (R&D Dept.)

Factory floor

  • Dean's Electronics - After entering the factory floor, take a right, and the book can be found on the corner of the large L-shaped counter in the cafeteria.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - In the main entrance, after walking in the door, look up to see a hole in the roof where a filing cabinet can be found, containing the book.
  • Nuka-Cola Clear formula - In a locked wall safe, in which the key for it can be obtained from Milo.

Storage and mixing vats

Storage and mixing vats



Factory floor (Shipping)

  • Tumblers Today - Same room as Milo, on a shelf under the safe.
  • Three Nuka-Cola Quantum - The packing line terminal can be used to manufacture three Nuka Cola Quantums before the machinery becomes permanent disabled.


Nuka-Cola Quantum - On the south side of the plant at the loading docks inside a truck's trailer, along with ten bottles of regular Nuka-Cola.

Related quest

The Nuka-Cola Challenge


  • The exit door at the end of the factory floor needs a Lockpick skill of 100 (Very Hard), and can be opened by utilizing a switch located on the left side of the door, factory-side.
  • If Milo is confronted before finding Winger Mercier's corpse, they cannot be asked for the R&D safe key, unless earlier the Lone Wanderer succeeded in convincing them that they owned the plant.
  • If timed correctly upon arriving near the Nuka Cola plant, a team of Brotherhood Outcasts and a sentry bot will appear over the hill and attack the Enclave, in which the Lone Wanderer can watch the fight between them or join in.


The Nuka-Cola plant appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • In the "Stage Two" log of the marketing terminal, the proposed tag line, for this stage of the Nuka-Cola ad campaign, was to be "Take the leap... enjoy a Quantum!", which is a reference to the quantum leap phenomenon occurring in quantum physics.
  • The password for the factory's shipping manifest "NC-C1864" is a nod to a Star Trek ship registry. While the NCC-1701 is the registry for the U.S.S. Enterprise, the NCC-1864 is for the U.S.S. Reliant, a ship that Khan steals in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • In the factory floor area, a research terminal has an entry "New Flavor Coming!", and mentions a new product, Nuka-Cola Clear, with the "same great taste" as regular Nuka-Cola. This is an homage to Crystal Pepsi from the early 1990s, which was a clear soda but had largely the same taste as original Pepsi.



  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Do you even have a clue as to where I can start looking?"
    Sierra Petrovita: "In fact, I do! Ha! Surprised you didn't I? Your best bet would be to find the ruins of the D.C. Nuka-Cola Bottling Facility. Find the shipping manifests inside. With them in hand, you should have a good clue as to where the Quantum was delivered. While you're there, you may even be able to find some bottles of Quantum!"
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)