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For an overview of Nuka-Cola vending machines in the Fallout series, see Nuka-Cola vending machine.

A Nuka-Cola machine is a world and settlement object in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


Nuka-Cola machines may generate up to six randomly selected bottles of Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Cola Quantum or an empty Nuka-Cola bottle. The bottles are usually visible behind a transparent, openable door, although if the machine does not contain any bottles, carefully look beneath or around the machine, as bottles can sometimes be scattered everywhere. As many locations in the Commonwealth reset after a certain amount of time, all Nuka-Cola machines inside will reset with them, spawning a new set of contents when revisiting the area.

It is possible to craft and place Nuka-Cola machines as a decoration in any controlled settlement, although those ones will not generate any bottles.


Nuka-Cola vending machines can be found in inordinate numbers everywhere in the Nuka-World theme park, both inside of buildings and out in the open. In addition to the three flavors available in the Commonwealth, they can spawn the Nuka-World-exclusive Nuka-Cola Dark, Nuka-Grape, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory and Nuka-Cola Wild flavors in random combinations of up to six bottles per machine. Nuka-World vending machines also appear to reset far more often than their Commonwealth counterparts. This and their sheer abundance in the park make them a primary source of all Nuka-Cola flavors for everyone visiting the location.


The Nuka-Cola machine is located under Decorations → Miscellaneous, under Appliances.

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As with many craftable items, the hitbox does not allow placement flush against a wall. One can place the machine and then an object against the back of it without issue, but re-selecting the machine will not allow it to be placed back in the same place that it was just picked up from. This workaround cannot work with pre-existing structures that can't be moved.


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