The Nuka-Cola accident report is a paper note found in Fallout 3. It was written by Carl Wallace, a truck driver who was supposed to deliver a shipment to Old Olney which included Nuka-Cola Quantum.


The report can be found next to his body in front of the door to the fire station in Old Olney, where he had waited for a tow truck that he had called. The fire station is located in the southeast corner of the town, inside its walls.

The crashed truck mentioned in the note can be found just west of the Chaste Acres Dairy Farm, next to a Red Rocket gas station. The truck can be looted for a total of 30 bottles of Nuka-Cola and 5 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum. It is a useful stop for players attempting to complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge as most other locations have only a few bottles of Quantum.



I was driving on the highway east of Old Olney near the gas station, and suddenly a deer ran out in front of my rig. I swerved to avoid hitting it, but my brakes locked up and I ended up jack-knifed against the guardrail. I was in the process of delivering a very important shipment to the Old Olney Grocery, so I have called and requested an immediate pickup in front of Old Olney's Firehouse. I will wait there until the tow truck arrives.

There has been some breakage, but the special shipment is still intact. I am not injured, but the truck is likely a total loss. This is my first incident of this nature with the company, I hope it will not reflect poorly on my future evaluations.

Carl Wallace
Nuka-Cola Corporation Driver 09899
Department SH-03

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