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Nuka-Cola Wild is a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Nuka-Cola Wild is a root-beer flavored beverage and is the Nuka-Cola Corporation's answer to Sunset Sarsaparilla. While it was never officially advertised as such, the Wild flavor was conceived as a direct counter to their rival's locally popular product after their failed buy-out of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company.[1] Wild is, therefore, one of a number of localized flavors that were not widely distributed through the whole of the US.


A brown bottle of Nuka-Cola with a red and gold Nuka-Wild label. Nuka-Cola Wild restores 20 Hit Points and 20 Action Points upon consumption but confers 5 points of Radiation damage to the Sole Survivor.



Location Description Quantity
Bradberton Amphitheater In the far back of the employee area on top of a drawer. 1
Evan's home On the exterior of the trailer on top of a wood crate. 1
Doc Phosphate's Saloon One can be found in one of the cabinets inside the counter.
One as a quest item on the second floor of the saloon in the south west corner on a round table.
Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster One in the gift shop on top of the reception desk.
One is found on the outside of the ride outside of a boarded up stand near the Bandit Roundup game.
One on a food cart located across the street from the ride.
Dry Rock Gulch Theater In the only accessible barn in a locker. 1
Main Street At the beginning of the street to the left in one of the outhouses.
Two as a reward for High Noon at the Gulch, at the Blacksmith's on a table, the other across the street, in the barn.
Starlight Interstellar Theater In a small drawer located on the southwest catwalk. 1
Fizztop Mountain On a table located in the lower area in the south western corner of the building. 1
Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Just outside of the exit area near the Park medallion dispenser on top of a desk. 1
Nuka-Town backstage Outside of the workshop area just outside the door on the floor. 1
Bradberton's office Inside the vault storage room on a steel table in a crate. 1
Nuka-Cade Sold as a prize for 1000 Nuka-Cade tickets (items rotate every couple of days.) random


Nuka-Cola Wild is used as a temporary quest item for a part of the quest High Noon at the Gulch, where the Sole Survivor has to serve Nuka-Cola Wild to three "regular" customers at Doc Phosphate's Saloon, which in reality are skeletons. The Nuka-Cola Wild bottles that are used can be reclaimed as soon as the quest ends.



  1. Fallout 4 loading screen: "Although the Nuka-Cola Corporation would never admit it, Nuka-Cola Wild was released to directly compete with Sunset Sarsaparilla after attempts to acquire that company met with failure."