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For the variant appearing in Fallout: New Vegas, see Nuka-Cola Victory (Fallout: New Vegas).

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Nuka-World is proud to be the only East Coast location serving Nuka-Cola Quartz and Nuka-Cola Victory. Try one today!— Nuka-World announcer

Nuka-Cola Victory is a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


A variant of Nuka-Cola with an orange glow and a yellow-orange color, Nuka-Cola Victory is similar to the variant found in the Mojave Wasteland but in the signature Nuka-Cola rocket bottle instead. The new bottle has a label with a graphic of the United States flag on it, as well as red, white, and blue coloring.

According to the tour guide announcer in the World of Refreshment, this "refreshingly patriotic" variant was a "regional favorite" available "out west" along with Nuka-Cola Quartz.

Nuka-Cola Victory restores 840 Hit Points to the Sole Survivor but also increases Radiation by 15 rads.



  • May be sold by aid merchants, like Shelbie Chase.
  • One is found in the top of the Star Control.
  • Many can be found in Nuka-Cola vending machines around Nuka-World.
  • Several at the Fizztop Grille - Some on the patio and one behind the desk downstairs to the right of the entrance.
  • Sold at the Nuka-Cade for 2000 Nuka-Cade tickets (items rotate every couple of days).
  • On one of the roofs in the Dry Rock Gulch employee area.
  • One can be found near the flagpole in the Dry Rock Gulch.
  • In Starlight Interstellar Theater, head into the screening room and turn right into the corridor. When you see a mixing stand, turn left into the kitchen, either lockpick the door or pick up the keys on the counter in the kitchen. The bottle lies in one of the fridges.
  • In Starport Nuka, take the elevator in the center. Once you reach the top, head right and there's two skeletons sitting on a bench, with the bottle next to them.


Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png Collecting the Wasteland Survival Guide from Egret Tours Marina, which gives the Wasteland Survival 3 perk, may remove all health restoration effects from Nuka-Cola Victory instead of increasing them by +50% as it should. This also applies to Ice cold Nuka-Cola Victory. [verified]