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For the Fallout 3 version, see Nuka-Cola truck
For the Fallout 4 version, see Toy truck and New toy truck
For vehicle, see Nuka-Cola truck (vehicle)
You see an overturned truck in the distance.— In-game description

Nuka-Cola truck is a special encounter in Fallout.


Here, you find a truck flipped over in the middle of the desert. It was likely used to transport Nuka-Cola bottles in its heyday, hence the large "Nuka Cola" logo. There is still one intact crate found beside the truck. The truck was possibly crashed by Lumpy, a ghoul who appears in Fallout 2 if you bring a Highwayman into Broken Hills.[1]

Notable lootEdit

The crate can be searched for a predefined number of bottle caps, which is affected directly by the player's Luck.

Truck loot
Luck # of Bottle caps
LK 1 1
LK 2 32
LK 3 105
LK 4 298
LK 5 730
LK 6 1,645
LK 7 2,976
LK 8 5,709
LK 9 8,443
LK 10 10,765


Each amount of bottle caps is doubled if the player has taken the Fortune Finder perk.


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