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Nuka-Cola Quartz is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Nuka-Cola Quartz bottles glow bright white with a hint of blue. It provides low-light vision similar to Cateye, gives more health than a regular Nuka-Cola, and temporarily increases Damage Threshold. However, it contains much higher radiation than its regular counterpart and is much harder to find.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+2 DT , +3 Hit Point for 20s+12 Dehydration , -18 Sleep 
20+2 DT , +4 Hit Point for 20s+14 Dehydration , -21 Sleep 
30+3 DT , +4 Hit Point for 20s+16 Dehydration , -24 Sleep 
40+3 DT , +5 Hit Point for 20s+18 Dehydration , -27 Sleep 
50+4 DT , +6 Hit Point for 20s+20 Dehydration , -30 Sleep 
60+4 DT , +6 Hit Point for 20s+22 Dehydration , -33 Sleep 
70+4 DT , +7 Hit Point for 20s+24 Dehydration , -36 Sleep 
80+5 DT , +7 Hit Point for 20s+26 Dehydration , -39 Sleep 
90+5 DT , +8 Hit Point for 20s+28 Dehydration , -42 Sleep 
100+6 DT , +9 Hit Point for 20s+30 Dehydration , -45 Sleep 
Note: Radiation is not affected by Survival skill level.


This item can be crafted by the player character. It is craftable without a workbench via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E once the add-on Lonesome Road is installed.

Creation requirements

Nuka-Cola Quartz (1)



Closest map marker Quantity Description
Vault 3 One In a storeroom inside the billiard room, on your right position. Lockpick skill of 25 required.
Boulder City Three In the storage shelves behind the counter in the Big Horn Saloon. May be bought or stolen.
Camp Golf Five In the House Resort. Upon entering, take a right, then a left into the kitchen. They will be on a shelf. They must be stolen.
Mojave Outpost Three On a shelf behind Lacey. They must be stolen.
Poseidon Gas Station One South of the gas station is the Violet and Violetta trailer compound. It is in a crate on a shelf on top of the fort.
REPCONN headquarters Two In the gift shop, in the backroom, next to two Nuka-Cola Victory.
The Tops Five In the kitchen of the Tops restaurant.
Zapp's Neon Signs Two Upstairs in the office.
Higgs Village Old World Blues (add-on) One In a rocket playset behind House #103.
X-7b "Boom Town" target zone Old World Blues (add-on) One Just north of the Target Zone, in a demolished house, along with a Nuka-Cola Victory.
X-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on) One On the 1st floor underneath a chemistry set, along with a Nuka-Cola Victory.
Hopeville missile silo bunker Lonesome Road (add-on) One Next to the Maintenance Bot Control terminal



  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If a nearby non-player character consumes a Nuka-Cola Quartz, the player may receive the light blue overlay as if the player consumed the Nuka-Cola. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If a nearby non-player character consumes a Nuka-Cola Quartz, and the player receives the light blue overlay, indoors and the player leaves the building, rather than a light blue overlay, the world will be in black and white, but the HUD will remain its normal color. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If put into your vending machine at the Lucky 38, followers left at the Presidential Suite will go to the machine and will drink the Quartz from the machine. The light blue overlay will appear when a follower drinks a Quartz. Will sometimes happen when player is away from Presidential Suite, but mostly occurs when player is in Presidential Suite for a certain length of time. Note: Moving Quartz to another container will not stop them from drinking it. It must be moved outside the Presidential suite or be on the player at all times. [verified]