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Nuka-Cola Quantum is a consumable soft drink in Fallout 4.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Nuka-Cola Quantum was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2077, as a brand-new flavor of Nuka-Cola, with twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine and twice the taste.[1][2]

The origins of this soda were unlike anything the Nuka-Cola Corporation had devised before: The beverageers of Nuka-World were signed over to the Army Research Laboratory's Weapon and Material division to develop biological and chemical weapons for the United States military as part of Project Cobalt. After months and months of work on several isotopes of strontium,[3] the team discovered the isotope strontium-90 that could weaponize anything in the military's arsenal but could also act as an additive to make a new cola flavor glow, similar to Nuka-Cola Quartz and Victory.[4] In fact, the isotope was so high energy that the beverage it would be added to effectively became sterilized, killing any bacteria with which it came in contact.[5] The designation of the strontium sample, Q4N7-UM, resulted in the isotope being named Quantum by its creator, Rex Meacham.[6]

The isotope was processed into an additive safe for human consumption by another beverageer, Ruth Leavitt.[7] The Quantum additive was mixed into the new flavor which featured an eighteenth fruit flavor: pomegranate.[8]

Of course, using a radioactive additive in a soft drink brought the expected dangers, even with the beverageer's expertise.[9] Reports in the Arlington, VA Nuka-Cola plant show that product development had not been without failures and casualties.[10] The first few trials of Nuka-Cola Quantum were ultimately fatal, but isotope CCE774 only resulted in dizziness and other mild side effects, allowing it to enter production for limited focus groups on the East Coast.[11] Pilot programs in Washington, D.C. indicated that the new flavor was going to take the market by storm.[12] The Food and Drug Administration did not record any effects that would force a recall, except for one minor side-effect: The isotope in Nuka-Cola Quantum caused the drinker's urine to glow.[13][14]

Nuka-Cola Quantum was officially released to the public the same day the bombs dropped: October 23, 2077. Because of this, Nuka-Cola Quantum is incredibly rare in the wasteland, with many bottles found in trucks that were shipping the product, ravaged by the bombs. It is more common in the Commonwealth and West Virginia than in the Capital Wasteland, however. At least in the Commonwealth, there were special "pre-release" shipments delivered to certain grocers and restaurants, accounting for its greater availability. The Whitespring Resort also received early-release shipments, which are sold by Bubbles, the Nuka-Cola vendor.[15]

The Quantum substance had originally been created as a secret weapon under the research of Doctor Rex Meacham, sponsored by the army. He managed to finish the project before his death, soon after the bombs dropped. His research can be used to create Quantum ammunition for the Thirst Zapper, which makes blue radioactive explosions that can disintegrate the target as well as Nuka Quantum grenades. After gaining the schematics, and related launcher, from John-Caleb Bradberton's private vault, the Sole Survivor can use Quantum to create enhanced mini nukes.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A clear bottle with glowing blue liquid inside (achieved through the use of the radioactive isotope Strontium-90). Like the other Nuka-Cola variants in the Commonwealth, it has a "fat" body and "fins" on the bottom of the bottle that makes it resemble a bomb or mini nuke. Unlike the original Nuka-Cola, Quantum does not have a circular label.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Closest map marker Quantity Description
Angry AnacondaNuka-World (add-on) 2 On a nearby tree adorned with TVs. One on a TV hanging from the tree while the other is at the base of the tree.
Breakheart Banks 1 In the scout tower to the east of the main building in a television stand.
Cambridge Red Rocket 2 In the refrigerator inside the station.
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir 1 Held by a skeleton in a bathtub on the east shore by a building with a fireplace.
Concord 1 In the northwest house in the refrigerator on the first floor.
Diamond City 8 Two can be found on the counter of Power Noodles, One in Polly’s house on an end table, Two on a table inside the Cooke residence, One is on a shelf next to Sheng Kawolski at his shop, and two more can be found in the hidden room of Kellogg's house.
Drumlin Diner 1 Found as soon as the player character walks into the diner to the left, and a second is inside the bus on the elevated highway almost directly to the south.
Egret Tours Marina 1 Found in the diner at the end of the pier.
Federal ration stockpile 3 Two are on the shelves with the pre-War foods, and the third is on a dresser in Red Tourette's room further back into the area.
Fort Hagen Command Center 1 Found next to the toolbox containing the Fort Hagen armory password
Fort Hagen hangarAutomatron (add-on) 1 In the generator room next to a terminal.
Four Leaf fishpacking plant 1 In a room at the top floor in the northwest corner, near the door to the chem lab.
Fraternal Post 115 1 In the room across from Dead Eye on a shelf.
Goodneighbor 1 Behind the bar inside The Third Rail.
Gunners plaza 1 On the first floor in a blue crate on a bench, next to the elevator.
Gwinnett Brewery 1 Behind the plywood in the reception area.
HalluciGen, Inc. 1 In the southeast basement, in the same room as the Gunner commander.
Hubris Comics 1 In a refrigerator in the break room.
Irish Pride Industries shipyard 1 On the table when coming in from the eastern entrance.
Layton Towers 1 On the bottom floor next to the entrance/exit.
Lexington 1 On a small area of highway just outside the city at the front of a bus near the driver's skeleton. This highway is traversed during the quest "Tradecraft."
Malden Center 1 Past the south end of the eastern track, next to a Fat Man.
Mahkra Fishpacking 1 In the back of the blue trailer in the middle of the factory, in a crate next to a dead body beside a live frag mine.
Mass Pike Tunnel west 2 At the south side’s wooden structure, under a metallic end table.
Mass Fusion building 1 At the top of a high rise building near the Mass Fusion tower with a skeleton. A jetpack is needed to get it.
Med-Tek Research 1 On a table in an office on the top floor.
Medical Center metro 2 One is down the stairs in a basket next to a vending machine, and the second can be found inside a stroller in the gentleman’s bathroom.
Milton General Hospital 1 In the basement next to a broken terminal, in a narrow computer-filled room just above the morgue
Nuka-Cola bottling plantNuka-World (add-on) 11 Inside the Quantum section of the bottling plant, near the entrance to the Secure beverageer lab
Old Corner Bookstore 1 In an enamel bucket by the front counter.
Park Street station 1 At the end of the tracks in a pile of rubble, being held by a skeleton.
Peabody house 1 Inside the fridge located in the living room. It must be stolen even if the related quest, Kid in a Fridge, has been completed.
Pickman Gallery 2 In a box on a pipe bridge in the underground tunnels.
Quincy ruins 1 Next to Clint’s terminal on the highway above the ruins.
Quincy Quarries 1 On top of a wooden target practice plank on the east end of the irradiated pool of water.
Ruined radio towerFar Harbor_(add-on) 1 Within the shack’s fridge.
Settlements 3* Up to three can be sold by food and drink vendors, most notable in level 3 restaurants.
Spectacle Island 2 In a broken fridge in a wrecked underwater house just off the southwest coast.
Starlight Drive In 1 Inside the locked storage room behind the screen.
Super Duper Mart 2 In the big round grocery stands through the right doorway off the front entrance.
The Institute 1 In Allie Filmore's quarters.
The Mechanist's lairAutomatron (add-on) 3 One in a crate after the fourth gate, the second is on the raised left side when the ramp goes down by Jangles the Moon Monkey and a cymbal monkey playing video games, and the third is in the room with the assembly lines.
The Prydwen 1 On the main deck, lower catwalk.
The Shamrock Taphouse 2 On the shelf in the large double-door storage room behind the bar.
Ticonderoga 2 Under the stairs three floors down from the entrance.
Weatherby Savings & Loan 1 In a refrigerator on the second floor of an abandoned building directly across the street.
West Everett Estates 2 One is inside a fridge near the recording computer, and a second in a box on the bunker’s table.
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ 1 Under a chair in the cinema room on the third floor, near the collapsed lobby.
Yangtze 1 Next to the bunk of a dead crew member in the crew quarters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Vault-Tec lunchboxes sometimes contain bottles.
  • In Fallout 4, Quantum replenishes a large number of Hit Points for a drink.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum can be put into Buddy through the "I'll take a beer" dialogue option to produce ice cold Nuka-Cola Quantum 12 hours later, despite not being a beer.
  • Unlike in Fallout 3, Nuka-Cola Quantum will respawn in areas after being picked up.
  • Although the Nuka-Cola plant terminal entries state that Quantum was a test in DC before bringing it to the market, the Nuka-Cola bottling plant in Nuka-World also produced Quantum for the park. This is how it ended up in the Commonwealth.
  • The color of Nuka-Cola Quantum in Fallout 4 is different from the color in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, where it has more of a purple tint.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In 2015/2016, a real life version of Nuka-Cola Quantum was made by the Jones Soda Company and was sold in limited quantities at Target stores in the U.S. on the day Fallout 4 was released. However, it was merely repackaged bottles of Jones' existing Berry Lemonade. This marks the second time a real life form of Nuka-Cola was produced. The first was a drinkable regular Nuka-Cola, which was a promotional item during the 2008 E3 conference.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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